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The Bronx Zoo

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Impressive Wildlife Conservation Efforts in New York City

The Bronx Zoo - Largest Zoo in The United States - Go Visit NYC

All species under one Roof

The Bronx Zoo is the largest zoo in the United States and is among the largest in the world. Its vast and diverse animal collection sees a little over 2,000,000 visitors a year. Additionally, the zoo boasts an impressive 265 acres dedicated to wildlife and parklands. The zoo’s goals are to promote the study of zoology and also preserve wildlife.

The Wildlife Conservation Society runs the Bronx Zoo under its umbrella. The same organization also runs the Central Park Zoo, the New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, and the Queens Zoo.

Varieties of species

The zoo is separated into various exhibitions, the most popular of which include the African Plains and Tiger Mountain. The African Plains sector houses lions, zebra, gazelles, giraffes, and various crane species. Meanwhile, Tiger Mountain is home to various tiger species and a 10,000-gallon pool that allows viewers to see the tigers interact underground.

World of Birds and  Reptiles

Other notable exhibitions include the World of Birds and the World of Reptiles. Although most exhibitions are accessible to the public with the purchase of a single general admission ticket, some require the purchase of an additional ticket.

Butterfly Garden and the Congo Gorilla Forest

Some of the exhibitions that require an additional ticket are the Butterfly Garden and the Congo Gorilla Forest. The Butterfly Garden plays host to 44 species that amount to over 1,000 butterflies in its conservatory. The Congo Gorilla Forest allocates 6.5 acres of space to various gorilla and ape species.

Escape from city life

The Bronx Zoo allows visitors and tourists to step into a jungle environment in an urban, industrialized city complex. It offers visitors the chance to temporarily escape from New York City’s bustling atmosphere into a more natural setting. Additionally, because of the zoo’s setup, visitors can step into different worlds and explore scenarios they never experienced before. Visitors can easily access wildlife culture across different continents by touring the Bronx Zoo.

Furthermore, and most importantly, the Wildlife Conservation Society establishes a strong connection between humanity and the animal kingdom. The Bronx Zoo and similar organizations help foster necessary empathy and love for animals. The zoo also allows visitors to learn more about wildlife conservation efforts and various animal species.

The Bronx Zoo

2300 Southern Blvd

Bronx, NY 10460



The BxM11 express bus makes stops along Madison Avenue, between 26th and 99th Streets, then travels directly to the Zoo's Bronx River entrance. Visitors can also take the 2 subway line Pelham Parkway.


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