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Test Your Archery Skills

Archery is a sport that combines balance, patience, and skill to hit a certain target. It allows you to shy away from technology for a little while and gain confidence and a newfound power within yourself just by having the bow and arrow in your hand.


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Check out these fun archery spots in NYC to discover the great archer skills you never knew you had.

ProLine Archery Lanes INC


ProLine Archery Lanes INC is one of the oldest archery locations in NYC and has been revamped since its opening in the mid 70’s.

It was originally organized as a club for archers to band together and partake in one of the oldest known sports, now opened to the public.

For just $13 or less, you can shoot in the range all day, and rent equipment for just $20. With its indoor 20 yard range and professional staff, you are sure to have a thrilling experience in a relaxed social environment.

Gotham Academy

Gotham Archery in Brooklyn offers an introductory course for first time archers and for just $40, a certified archer will lead you in a lesson to help improve your balance, strength, and aim when shooting your arrows.

gotham archery nyc


Experienced archers can also test out of the intro class and go straight to shooting arrows.

Queens Archery –

Experience the excitement of shooting arrows at Queens Archery in Flushing.

This facility offers the chance to learn proper techniques and safety in their lessons and is very family-friendly. Enjoy an inexpensive hour or two of fun with instructors who will explain everything in depth and make you feel comfortable when shooting, even if it is your first time.

Victory Archers Club –

Victory Archers Club offers a 20 yard indoor range to archers of all ages who are welcome to come to lessons given by certified and friendly instructors.

archery nyc

The newly renovated archer range and target faces allow for a comfortable shooting environment where you can focus on your aim.

Test Your Archery Skills


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