National Lighthouse Museum

Located on the former site of the United States Lighthouse Service’s (USLHS) General Depot in St. George, Staten Island, the National Lighthouse Museum educates visitors about the history and technology of the nation’s lighthouses.
National Lighthouse Museum
The General Depot was the national headquarters, testing ground, and distribution center for all materials and equipment used by light keepers and USLHS personnel from 1864 to 1939. Once a lively and bustling site of 18 buildings, only 7 survive today. Housed in the 1912 foundry, the Museum is 2,400 square feet, and most visitors spend approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour on site. Visitors can expect a brief orientation to the self-guided museum. Guided walking tours of the General Depot site are also available by appointment.Self-Guided Exhibits:
· Supplying the Nation’s Light Stations: The General Depot
-History of the General Depot Site
· Nantucket to New Jersey: Navigating New York Harbor
-Map of New York, Long Island, and New Jersey lighthouses
· Optics: Projecting the Light
-Explores changes in lighting technology
· Life at the Light: Lighthouse Keepers
-Profiles 5 light keepers from around the United States
· Beacons through Time
-Timeline of lighthouse history from 280 BCE to present day
· Lighthouse architecture, daymarks, fog signals, and much more!

national lighthouse museum

Guided Tours

United States Lighthouse Service Site Walking Tour- Groups Only:
Guided quarter-mile walk of the depot site with a brief orientation to the self-guided museum. Using historical photographs, tour guides illuminate the important history of the depot with stops at the 6 surviving buildings and underground vaults. Tour ends with a walk out on Pier 1.

national lighthouse museum

Seasonal Lighthouse Boat Tours – Individuals and Groups
· Signature Tour- See 13 lighthouses in New York’s Upper and Lower Bay to Sandy Hook, NJ.
· Circumnavigate Staten Island-See 8 lighthouses, hidden bird sanctuaries, ship graveyards.
· East River Tour-See 8 lighthouses out to Long Island Sound through Hell’s Gate as far as Execution Rocks Lighthouse.
· Hudson River Tour-Typically a fall foliage tour with beautiful views of the Hudson River Valley from Pier 11 to Tarrytown Light.

Located on the waterfront on the North Shore of Staten Island, the National Lighthouse Museum is a short walk from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George and is accessible by bus or train to the Ferry Terminal.

The NLM was recently given a new address, just as mariners used lighthouses, we encourage all visitors to use the navigational aid provided below.

Walking from the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is always FREE and leaves from Manhattan at South Ferry/ Whitehall to the St. George Terminal on Staten Island. The ride is approximately 25 minutes and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once the ferry docks in St. George, exit out of the middle deck, turn left and walk towards the elevator. Take the stairs or elevator down to the parking level, turn right immediately, and follow blue signs for “Bay Street Landing/ NLM”. You will walk under two overpasses. Once you reach the Ferry Maintenance Building at 1 Bay Street, keep walking straight and follow the red buoy anchors. The walk is approximately 5 minutes from the Ferry Terminal.

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