A Slice of Ireland
Woodlawn A Slice of Ireland

Woodlawn is a neighborhood at the very north of the Bronx. It is one of the few “sections” of New York City to have well-defined borders. This area is steeped in history, and is particularly noteworthy for its high percentage of inhabitants from Italian and Irish lineages.

Katonah Avenue stretches through Woodlawn, and this is where one can find a legion of pubs (such as Beehan’s or Mary’s Celtic Kitchen) and little specialty stores. The Emerald Isle Immigration Center is also located along this strip. Other places of note include the Oneida Triangle memorial, which honors residents who served in WWI, and a National Landmark: Woodlawn Cemetery. This burial ground is one of the largest in New York City; it serves as the final resting place of luminaries like Irving Berlin and Duke Ellington.

Woodlawn and the neighborhood of Riverdale are located on opposite sides of Van Cortlandt Park. To get more in touch with the heritage of Woodlawn, visitors can stop by the Woodlawn Heights Library Branch and explore their collection of Irish books.