Williamsburg...where Hungarian Babka, Indie Music, and Local Breweries collide

Williamsburg holds the title of New York’s Hipster Capital.  This fast growing area expresses diversity with creative restaurants, quirky shops, cool music venues and a contemporary local arts scene.
Williamsburg is a residential melting pot, providing home to many multicultural communities including Hassidic Jewish, Italian-American, Puerto Rican and Dominican communities.
The neighborhood is also known for great restaurants like Peter Luger’s and creating craft brews from Brooklyn Brewery.
Williamsburg’s history dates back to the 1600th.  Farmers settled in the area after the Dutch India Company bought the land from local Canarsie Native Americans. By 1800, farms were transformed into villages, then into buildings. Known as an industrial area, Eastern European Jews escaping Europe settled in droves during and after WWII.
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Gentrified in the 2000’s, Williamsburg is a hub for young creative individuals, providing a space where like minded individuals can express themselves. Performers and actors can showcase themselves in indie spaces such as the Brick Theater.
The Journal Gallery is one of the most prominent galleries for showcasing artists. At the Brooklyn Art Library visitors can unleash their creativity by drawing in one of the sketchbooks. Each artist can collaborate with one of the other pages in the sketchbook, adding their own flair.
Newly formed bands and indie favorites flock down to the local music scene. Catch a live show at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Knitting Factory. At Rough Trade NYC, music enthusiasts can find the perfect record among the curated collection.
Foodies coming to Williamsburg can experience a wide diversity of cuisine. Experience one of NYC’s best steaks at Peter Luger’s. Founded in 1887, this Michelin star landmark steakhouse presents its famous porterhouse steak in a classic German beer garden environment.
A perfect place for cheese lover’s, Denizen offers cheese and wine faire with a neighborhood feel.
As one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC, Williamsburg has a great nightlife scene.  One can pick among the range of bars, dives and clubs to catch some fun with friends.
On weekends at the Brooklyn Brewery, beer fans can take a tour of the brewery and sample local made drafts on tap. Brooklyn Brewery has many authentic beers on their menu to choose from.
Hotel Delmano provides old school NYC drinks with an upscale flair. The bar offers premium specialty spirits and drinks for wine and beverage connoisseurs.
For fun with friends, Brooklyn Bowl offers a wide variety of activities to start off your weekend. The bowling alley provides 16 lanes of fun while hosting live music on the spot.