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Richmond Town

Foundation of Founding Fathers

Centrally located in Staten Island, Richmond Town is the perfect little destination for those who can’t get enough of American history. It used to be called “Coccles Town” because the locals would farm oysters and clams in the nearby Fresh Kills estuary.
Today, it is a popular hub for families looking to relocate to Staten Island from other boroughs.
In 1728, a village was established in this neighborhood- and it has been preserved as a hallmark of New York history as an outdoor museum referred to as Historic Richmond Town. The campus is made up of some 30 historic buildings and plays host to a number of seasonal events and festivals.

One such structure is the Third County Courthouse, with its large white pillars, which was actually in use until 1919 (when a new one in St. George replaced it). Visitors can take guided tours of the complex almost year-round and even witness old demonstrations by volunteers in costume.

Richmond Town also contains a branch of the New York Public Library as well as a cemetery of the Hebrew Free Burial Society and the Church of St. Andrew, which is nationally registered as a historic destination.

Richmond Town


You can reach this neighborhood by express bus.


Richmond County Fair, 3rd County Courthouse, Christopher House, Church of St. Andrew


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