Forest Hills

A Little Place of Quiet

The neighborhood of Forest Hills became closely associated with the sport of tennis; the U.S. Open was played there for 65 years. Even now, its very name conjures up visions of high-class pursuits. Modeled after British garden communities, the place is still chock-full of Tudor architecture. In addition, the LIRR Station is one of the most historic sites to be found in this area.
Nestled within the neighborhood is the exclusive Forest Hills Gardens residential area. Many of the aforementioned Tudor-style buildings are concentrated in this section. It is also the location of two monuments: a World War I memorial and the mast of the “Columbia” ship, which won two America’s Cup races.
Although the U.S. Open is no longer held at the West Side Tennis Club, it is still a grand facility with some 38 courts as well as an Olympic-size swimming pool! A concert venue, Forest Hills Stadium, is on this campus; it has welcomed American icons such as Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix over the years.