Dear Evan Hansen On Broadway

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"Dear Evan Hansen" - Best Broadway Musical Show of 2017




This heart-wrenching story centers around the life of a teenage boy, Evan Hansen.  Evan is an outcast who craves friendship and love in his life, but doesn’t receive it from the people around him.  To get through his lonely and dark days he writes letters to himself titling them, “Dear Evan.” When one of Evan’s bullies passes away, he inadvertently tells a lie that spirals out of control, making him into an internet sensation as well as a spokesperson for mental health awareness.  But how long can Evan keep up his deceptions?

Dear Evan Hansen teaches us about kindness and the effect we have on those around us.  So if you’re looking for a sentimental drama this is the event for you.      

Dear Evan Hansen opened on December 4th, 2016 at The Music Box Theater. The Music Box was sold to the Shubert Organization in 2007 and was originally built in the Neo-Georgian style, which make it appear like a country home rather than the typical theatrical style of most Broadway theaters.  It was named “The Music Box Theater” because of its jewel-like, dainty qualities.

Dear Evan Hansen won six awards at the 2017 Tony Award Show, including, “Best Musical”, “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Musical”, “Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical”, “Best Book of a Musical”, “Best Original Score Written for the Theatre (musical and/or lyrics)”, and “Best Orchestrations.” It was also nominated for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical”, “Best Lighting Design of a Musical”, and “Best Direction of a Musical.”




Dear Evan Hansen is a musical you won’t want to miss.  Well-known songs include, “Waving Through a Window”, “For Forever, “You Will Be Found,” and “Requiem.” 

Where New York City loyalties lie

Angel Torres, Staff Writer
the yankees

New Yorkers love sports. Anyone who grew up in New York could probably tell you they spent their days playing basketball or baseball after school. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, New York’s teams have become so iconic, their names and their stadiums are recognizable by anyone — this includes people from out of state.

Although fans of one sport might argue that it’s relevance in New York is higher than another sport, it’s hard to argue about the unifying power that sports has on people. Even if fans of different teams or of different sports disagree, there still lies the fact that they had something to disagree on, something to talk to each other about. This feeling of unity — even if it’s unity through dissent — is palpable at every sporting event throughout New York. For this very reason, going to a sport’s event is a must when in the Big Apple.


The New York Knicks

The Knicks

One of the most iconic teams is the New York Knicks. The Knicks’ name came from a name in the book “History of New York.” The author of the book published under a pseudonym with the last name Knickerbocker — a name that stuck and was shortened to its current nickname.

The Knicks play at Madison Square Garden in midtown Manhattan. The start for the 2018-2019 NBA season will be in October and will run through June. If you’re visiting New York during this time, a great idea would be to catch a game.

The Liberty

The New York Liberty

The New York Liberty is one of New York’s most underrated teams. This women’s basketball team plays at the Westchester County Center. The team has an iconic logo that features the statue of liberty with the flames as a basketball — a reminder of how hard this team plays.


The Mets

The Mets

The long-standing argument about whether the Yankees or the Mets are New York’s main baseball team has yet to be left in the dust. Both teams have remained extremely relevant to New York culture up until now and it doesn’t seem as if they’ll be disappearing anytime soon.

The Mets play at CitiField located in Queens. The stadium is easily accessible via the 7 train and is a major attractions during baseball season. Tickets can go for cheap, so if you’re in the area, make sure to check them out!

The Yankees

the yankees

The Yankees are another team that is iconic to New York. The stripped uniform that this baseball team wears is recognizable anywhere you go. Like Mets’ games, tickets can go for cheap, if you don’t mind sitting in the bleachers. If you don’t like baseball, go for the experience. There is nothing like sitting back with a beer, a hot dog and some friends to watch a game.

The Yankees can be found playing at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.


The Rangers

the rangers

Hockey has been known for a long time as a violent sport. Many people would even argue that you watch a game just for the fights — these people aren’t true fans! Any fan of hockey knows that what makes the game great is the fast-paced gameplay that all the skilled players bring. The fast skating from one side of the rink to the other and the satisfaction of getting a complicated shot in the net.

The Rangers play at Madison Square Garden.

The Islanders

the islanders

Just like the Rangers, the Islanders are another team that shares the state of New York. New Yorkers may disagree on which team is better, but around the board, it’s still New York pride.

Catch the Islanders at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.


The Giants

the giants

Football has become a staple of American life. Almost every large university has its own football team, with players that get drafted to the NFL every year. Seeing a star rise and predicting how teams and players will do is one of the largest appeals to sports. People like to talk about the “what ifs.”

The Giants are one of New York’s two football teams. Through a unique arrangement both New York football teams play at the MetLife Stadium.

The Jets

the jets

Now that sports betting might become bigger in the future with legality laws changing, keeping a eye on how teams are doing might be a good idea, even if it’s just for your fantasy team.

The Jets are the other New York football team. They can also be found at the MetLife Stadium.

Even if you aren’t into football, or sports for that matter, going to a game can be exciting. The crowds go wild for the teams that they root for, and the SuperBowl is known around the world for its impressive halftime show. Fans are notorious for getting crazy for their teams, which can be messy at times, but is also one of the reasons that seeing a live game is so much fun. Especially with football games, tailgating before the game is almost a ritual done with friends. People come together for the sake of a common interest and to enjoy themselves. Next time you’re in New York, go check out one of the iconic New York teams and sports!


Where to go in NYC to satisfy your sweet tooth

Angel Torres, Staff Writer
Max Brenner

There is no shortage of sweets in New York City — a city with a little for everyone. From celebrity pastry chefs, to mom and pop shops to hole-in-the-wall style shops that only locals know about, New York is the place to be for a wide variety of options when it comes to sweets.

Max Brenner

Max Brenner

This chocolate factory is popular among tourists and locals alike. Max Brenner offers lunch and dinner menus, but the main attractions are its chocolate desserts. The desserts not only taste delicious, but are presented in such ways that they look like art. The plate presentations are amazing.

Max Brenner

If you don’t want to stop in to eat, you can also buy to go, which would work perfectly for a holiday gift or if you simply just want to treat yourself.

Max Brenner’s website reflects the feel of the restaurant and offers views into the menu, the shops, the locations and the chocolate bar.

Spot Dessert BarSpot Dessert Bar

Spot Dessert Bar has two locations, one is in St. Marks and the other one is in Midtown by Herald Square .  Spot has delicious staple desserts that are easy to go back to, such as its Golden Toast and its Matcha Lava Cake. One thing that makes Spot so popular is how it keeps things fresh. Depending the season and the holiday, Spot offers seasonal desserts and specials. These are always popular since they’re only offered for a limited amount of time.

You can find a full list of the desserts on Spot’s very colorful website.

Lady M

Lady M Confections prides itself of its cakes. As stated on its website, “Its pastry chefs follow recipes that have been refined over the years to provide the highest quality in taste and appearance.”

Lady M

Lady M’s crepe cakes are some of its most popular. They are delicious layers of cake with vibrant colors and flavors.

There are various locations throughout Manhattan, five in total and one in Queens. You can find more information about Lady M on its website.

Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop is  an innovative ice cream shop that uses a special recipe to blend ice cream and alcohol. One of the best things about this small, hole-in-the-wall style shop, is that if you can’t decide on a single flavor to get, you can try a flight of different boozy flavors.

There are also options such as alcoholic hot chocolate and little confectionary delights.

If you would like to sign up for classes, you can go to Tipsy Scoop’s website.

If you want more suggestions for sweets, check out this video on The Chocolate Room.

Tipsy Scoop photo taken from their website.

Top of the Rock

A Beautiful View
Top of the Rock Sunset - Breath-taking view of New York City


Top of the Rock


When visiting New York City on vacation, without a doubt, you’ve heard of Rockefeller Center. It is perhaps best known for 30 Rock, the home of NBC hits like Saturday Night Live and the Tonight Show. Rockefeller is one of Manhattan’s prime attractions. In the winter, the iconic skating rink attracts tourists and New Yorkers alike. Then in the warmer months, Rockefeller is visited for its shops and iconic art. But year-round, there is one attraction that never fails to attract — Top of the Rock.

Top of the rock sunset


Top of the Rock, like the name implies, is the top of Rockefeller Center. Magnificent views abound here, with visitable floors being the 67th, 69th and 70th floor. As stated on Top of the Rock’s website, the top floor provides sweeping, unobstructed views of both midtown and Central Park. During the day, you can stare out past the rivers into the outer boroughs. And at night, the city lights up in a truly beautiful display. There is no better place to witness the Manhattan skyline than right in the middle of it.  And nothing beats seeing the cityscape directly below you in person.


Top of the Rock

To plan your visit to Top of the Rock, check out their website, where you can find information on pricing, the experience to the top,  and group events.

Of course, there is not only one breathtaking view in this city. If you want more wonderful New York City views besides this one, we can help with that too!


Top of the Rock


And if you’re looking to find things to do outside of New York City after soaking up those views, check out the best day trip ideas within 3 hours of NYC.

The Green Room 42

The Perfect Spot to Catch Broadway Stars on Their Night Off
The Green Room 42 - Catch Broadway Stars on their Night Off

West of Times Square, on the fourth floor of the Yotel New York, you will find The Green Room 42. This new nightclub definitely lives up to its billing as the Broadway cabaret for the modern age. An intimate lounge space, Broadway’s biggest stars and up-and-comers alike grace The Green Room 42 stage performing the fun, wild, and eclectic. Nowhere else can you be serenaded by Josh Groban in jeans and a t-shirt one night and the next day attend their bottomless brunch with an underwear-clad singing duo.

As a true cabaret, this nightclub personifies atmosphere. Whether right up next to the stage in a ringside table, or nestled into a booth in the back, you are guaranteed to enjoy all the light-hearted irreverence, fine musical talent, and laidback fun that The Green Room 42 has to offer. But this club is not simply some vintage throwback. Modern and funky with a fresh, exciting artistic taste, The Green Room 42 brings downtown cool to the convenience and caliber of the Theatre District.

Sometimes for charity, sometimes just for fun, Broadway’s best often end up at The Green Room 42. This is where they let loose and do something different, from drag shows to belting out emo pop-punk with their classically trained chops. With the room’s range of seating options, even for the biggest names there are always affordable tickets available. Keep an eye out for anything featuring Broadway ensemble members or understudies. There’s no better opportunity to discover the stars of tomorrow and be able to say that you saw them when.  

Unlike the vast majority of nightclubs, there is no food or drink minimum at The Green Room 42. You get to just sit down, relax, and order as much or as little as you feel like. Which is not to say, of course, that you should skip the food. A menu split between dishes designed to share and solo entrees is a perfect recipe for date night. During the show, just turn off the table lamps for service or you can text an order to your waiter. This makes it easy to enjoy dinner and a show with minimal interruptions. Along with a carefully selected array of beer, wine, and cocktails you will certainly be in good hands.

Whether you are a musical theatre lover looking for something to do on a Monday evening when Broadway takes the night off, a live music fan who wants to see the best and hippest Manhattan has to offer, or simply searching for a quintessentially “Only in New York” experience, The Green Room 42 belongs on your list. Every show is undeniably its own unique ride. No matter how many times you have been you will never see the exact same thing twice.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the musical theatre inspired graffiti decorating the lounge walls. Come early for the pre-show happy hour with a great 2-for-1 deal on beer and wine. You can find the latest show schedule and tickets on their website.

The Royal 35 Steakhouse

Royal 35 Steakhouse

Royal 35 Steakhouse

Steakhouses can be hit or miss for many people; you either love them or you hate them. Regardless of what your opinion of steakhouses is, it’s common knowledge that New York City is known for it steakhouses such as The Executive Club , Tudor City Steakhouse, Peter Luger, and 212 Steakhouse. Among the trove of great restaurant to get a good cut, there is one that stands out among the rest.

Where to go for a unique cut?

Royal 35 Steakhouse can be found between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue on 35th Street. As the “About” section of the restaurant says, Royal 35 Steakhouse is an “130-seat restaurant that combines classic steakhouse influences with elevated sophistication.” The restaurant has impressively high ceilings, mahogany wood walls, and dark leather tufted banquets. Wine bottles can be seen lining the walls and there is a large glass meat locker on display.

Royal 35 Steakhouse NYC

The team behind Royal 35

Alfred Cetaj

Alfred is the general manager of Royal 35. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry — and having managed strip houses such as Monkey Bar, Strip House NYC and Mastro’s Steakhouse — Alfred is an irreplaceable part of Royal 35. He brings his unique experience and his own personal vision to make Royal 35 the success it is today.

Adam Sinanaj

Adam was brought over by Alfred as a managing partner, after Adam’s having managed Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse for the past seven years. Adam has always found himself in the restaurant industry; many of his brothers and cousins worked in steakhouses just like he has.

Sherif Nezaj

Sherif is the head bartender for Royal 35, bringing with him over 48 years of experience behind a bar. In his time bartending since 1969, Sherif has served well known people such as Frank Sinatra and Joe Namath.

Royal 35 Steakhouse

Reservations are recommended at Royal 35, especially on high-traffic nights, such as weekends. If you can’t go yourself, but want to give the perfect gift of a steakhouse, Royal 35 offers many gift card options. The options range from $50 to $400 and are sure to impress.

If you’re looking to have a party or large gathering at Royal 35, the main dining room can accommodate up to 90 people and the Royal Room can accommodate 30 people.

If you aren’t into steak, per se, but still want to go to Royal 35, the lunch menu and the dinner menu offer seafood options.

Royal 35 Steakhouse NYC

Praise for Royal 35 Steakhouse

“Veterans from Strip House, Ben & Jack’s and others are opening this 130-seat homage to meat and seafood. The beef is aged in-house on Himalayan salt blocks for 35 days and is offered in eight- to 76-ounce portions on the classic New York steakhouse menu.”

– The New York Times

“Come for the steak, stay for the hospitality. At Royal 35, a sophisticated new chophouse in Midtown, you’ll be treated like royalty. The customer service was just as good as the juicy double porterhouse for two dry-aged in-house for 35 days in Himalayan salt.”

– Daily News

“The classic steakhouse features a mahogany walled dining room with dark leather banquets and an upper level private dining room that overlooks the ground floor.”

– The New York Post

“Big rooms of dry-aged beef. Seafood towers that are less towers than landscapes full of oysters, shrimp and lobster that all look like they were alive very recently. More proof that bacon is on its way back to ubiquity, maybe in a classier way this time around.”

– UrbanDaddy

Royal 35 Steakhouse NYC

If you’re still not convinced about going to Royal 35, check out their website, which reflects the overall character and feel of this classic steakhouse well.

If this isn’t enough, check out GoVistNYC’s guide on how not to be a vegetarian.

All images courtesy of Royal 35 Steakhouse’s website.

The Armani Ristorante

Finely Tailored Cuisine

You are probably familiar with Giorgio Armani, the famous Italian fashion house. They design, manufacture, distribute and retail a large variety of gorgeous and sophisticated products. Many people desire their high fashion pieces, ready-to-wear leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, and much more. With such a reputation, Armani is one of the most iconic and globally-recognized brands.  Yet unknown to many, they have expanded their sophisticated experiences into the culinary world with The Armani Ristorante.

This restaurant is one of NYC’s hidden dining secrets and a sleek, beautiful, and luxurious one at that. Located on the 3rd floor of the Armani store on Fifth Avenue, this upscale Italian restaurant and bar offers wines and fine dining. Armani has designed the perfect accessory to a shopping trip while creating a culinary destination in its own right.

The Armani Ristorante pairs their finely cultivated Italian cuisine with refined futuristic ambiance. The sleekness of the chairs, tables, and bar establish the restaurant as a breathtaking dining spot in the city. The long windows give diners a heightened view of Fifth Avenue and its picturesque high-rises. As carefully lit as a modern art exhibit, a meal at Armani is a finely curated experience.


Armani’s featured dishes include a spaghetti with Baby Squid, Sea Urchin, Bottarga, Lemon Zest and Sage, a tuna tartare, a risotto with a fresh herb puree, glazed morel mushrooms, and salted lemon jam, and finely grilled steaks.

Just as they do in their clothing, Armani excels at the small details. The restaurant offers branded Armani accompaniments to the meal, like little chocolates wrapped in black, labeled “Armani, Dolci.”

Reviewers call their service “stellar” and the staff is always eager to cater to the needs of its customers.
Armani’s Ristorante offers a classic and relaxing dinner in multiple courses, with a modern upscale vibe that is definitely worth the wait.


New York City From Above

New York City

New York City is a sprawling metropolis with towering skyscrapers and dense crowds walking its streets at all times. From the street, it might seem chaotic and hectic. To remember how beautiful the City is, sometimes you have to get a birds-eye view of Manhattan — a change of perspective.

Finding these perspectives isn’t always easy, however. Because of that, we’ve put together a list of some of the best views in New York City. Read on to see the best locations to get gorgeous glimpses of NYC.

One World Observatory

One World Trade Center

Standing tall on our list is the One World Trade Center Observatory. This observatory gives you views of the NYC skyline from the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors.

The observatory isn’t the only thing to look forward to when visiting. The elevator ride to the top is done in a mere 47 seconds, giving you an unforgettable view and ride to the top of the Freedom Tower.

For pricing information, visit the One World Trade Center Website.

The Empire State Building

Empire State Building

This iconic and unforgettable building is rooted in the history of NYC. The view here is also one of the best. Just like One World Trade Center, you can get a view from the 102nd floor, or the 86th floor if you like. Standing right at the heart of Midtown, the view of the skyline worth the trip to NYC alone.

For pricing information, visit the Empire State Building website.

Top of The Rock

Top of The Rock

Located at Rockefeller Center, the Top of The Rock has views from its 67th, 69th, and 70th floors. The view is beautiful. Once you’re done taking in the Skyline, head down to the Rockefeller Center rink and ice skate, or look at the shops at Rockefeller Center.

For pricing information, visit the Top of The Rock website.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Rooftop

The Met Roof

Not many people know that this rooftop exists. For one, it isn’t widely advertised throughout the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you really want to find it, your best bet is to ask one of the workers for directions.

After many twists, turns, and elevator rides, however, you’ll find yourself with one of the most amazing views in Manhattan. The view not only gives you a sweeping view of the New York City skyline, but it also gives you an incredible view of Central Park. The roof might not be as high as some of the other places on this list, but that is certainly not a shortcoming. You have to see it yourself to truly understand.

On top of the view, there is also a rooftop bar and some art basking in the New York City sunlight.

The admission fee to The Met is $25 for adults. This means you can pay whatever you think is fair for this incredible museum.

230 Fifth Avenue

230 Fifth Ave

This is one of NYC’s mosts iconic bars. Located right in the Flatiron District, this bar markets itself as the bar with the largest rooftop space in New York City. It can get quite crowded on weekends, but its worth the visit, there are heated areas and igloos from November until late April, and in the summer its the perfect place to cool off.

The view of the Empire State building is spectacular from 230 Fifth’s rooftop, but the view from the Empire State building to 230 Fifth is equally as impressive.

230 Fifth Ave

If you plan a day filled with just rooftops, this would be a great location to end it. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a drink while taking in the incredible New York City.

The admission is free at 230 Fifth, all you have to do is pay for drinks. If you decide you want to check out other New York City bars that aren’t rooftops, check out GoVisitNYC’s article on Unconventional Themed Bars in NYC, maybe you’ll find something you love.

Images of 230 Fifth taken from their website.

Joe’s Pizza

A New York Necessity Since 1975

Joe’s Pizza: A True Slice of Manhattan


A branch of Joe’s Pizza, the workplace of Peter Parker in  Spiderman.

No visit to New York City is complete without a slice of the Big Apple pie!  People come from around the world to grab a slice of Joe’s Pizza.  It’s has been a long time favorite of New Yorkers since 1975 . GQ magazine has Joe’s Pizza as one of the “Best 25 Pizzas on earth!”

Joe’s Pizza has been solidified as a national and local landmark thanks to its feature in The Spiderman Films. It’s a pizza place that defines the New York Pizza scene: casual, take-out, standing-room-only,  budget-friendly, and by-the-slice .

Some sample slices from Joe’s Pizza on 14th Street, a New York staple.

New Yorkers hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to pizza, but Joe’s is usually bursting at the seams with locals during closing time, around 4 a.m. for most of their parlors. Their success has allowed them to open up locations across Manhattan, from Midtown to the West Village, and even allowed them to begin to expand into Brooklyn.

The original Joe’s Pizza has been around since 1975, on Carmine Street in the Village. It was opened by Joe Pozzuoli, who had come to New York from Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza. Pozzuoli, now 75 years old, still owns and operates the restaurant, and insists on remaining the “real deal” with no frills or gimmicks. It’s still independently owned and supervised by Joe himself.

Joe’s Pizza is the go-to for New York City-style pizza, and It may even be some of the best pizza you will ever have.

It’s the ideal place to go for that classic New York experience, an immaculate slice of heaven.