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New York City's Secret Garden

Want to feel like one of Manhattan’s elite? Spend a few hours in Gramercy, one of the most upscale neighborhoods that the city has to offer.

History of Gramercy

Over the years, icons such as Teddy Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, and James Cagney have all called this place home. It gives off an aura of pure elegance and has even been described as “a Victorian gentleman who’s refused to die.” It also achieved landmark status in 1966.
Gramercy New York
Nestled here is the National Arts Club, a landmark organization that maintains its headquarters in a huge brownstone.

Music, Theatre, Literature

Founded in 1898, this society (as well as the Players Club) fosters arts education with a variety of programs in music, theatre, literature, etc.
Performance venues in the area include the ballroom-style Irving Plaza and the Repertorio (for theatrical works performed in Spanish).

Details about Gramercy

But perhaps the secret of Gramercy is its private park, for which only a select few have the key. Staying in the Gramercy Park Hotel will earn you temporary access!
Washington square park is another famous park near Gramercy.



You can reach this neighborhood by R, W, and N subway lines.


National Arts Club, Players Club, Irving Plaza, Gramercy Park, Repertorio

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