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Gowanus is a neighborhood that stands among the famous with its industrial charm. Located near the Gowanus Canal, businesses, residents and artists have taken residence in the former industrial warehouses and buildings of the area making it a must see neighborhood.
The Gowanus Canal was a prominent transportation route to the New York Harbor in the industrial age. After the industrial revolution of the 1800s, the canal became polluted with industrial waste. Despite the reputation of the canal, this has not stopped businesses from moving into the neighborhood.
In the 2010s, millennials and companies started to move into the neighborhood after efforts to clean the canal allowed the area to redevelop as a prominent Brooklyn neighborhood. You can explore the neighborhood by bike or by foot and find out about all the different aspects of the area.
Gowanus - Popular Tourist Spots, Restaurants & Shopping Destinations
The Carroll Street Bridge is the oldest surviving retractable bridge that crosses the Gowanus canal. The bridge gives a classic, industrial feel with wooden planking and its original cobblestone road near the entrance. Visitors can take a walk along the bridge and experience a view of the canal. Locals and visitors can take a bike path along the Union Street Bridge, the 3rd Street Bridge and the 9th Street Bridge with more incredible views of the canal in sight.
Right along the canal, foodies can enjoy an outdoor eating experience at Pig Beach. This barbecue joint offers delicious picnic-style food with open space picnic tables all year-round.
Beyond viewing the canal, Gowanus offers a variety of activities for hobbyists alike. Adventure seekers can climb up an indoor rock wall at Brooklyn Boulders. The club also offers fitness activities such as yoga for those looking for a more relaxed workout experience.
At the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, you can experience cruise-style leisure without ever getting into a boat. With a vacation theme setting, visitors can grab a tropical drinks and play a round of shuffleboard with a group of friends for the perfect relaxing experience.
Brooklyn is known for its famous thrift shops and vintage inspired looks. At No Relation Vintage, you can find unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. Located in a pre-war industrial site, this location of L-Train Vintage brand is one of New York City’s biggest stores for vintage clothing.
After spending a day in Gowanus, end your day by checking out the Gowanus Souvenir Shop for a little gift or souvenir to bring a little bit of the neighborhood home with you.


Trains: N, R, W, D, G ; Buses: B57, B61, B37, B103


No Relation Vintage, Pig Beach, Brooklyn Boulders


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