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Where Caribbean Flare and Hipster Charm Meet

Flatbush began as a Dutch colony, founded in the 1600s. During the early 1900s, Flatbush was home to a large Irish and Italian  working-class population, who would commute into Manhattan for work.

The latter half of the century saw a shift in the community as many Caribbean and West Indians began moving into the area. During the years following 2010, the area began quickly gentrifying with a large young white population moving in.

Located at the center of Brooklyn, this neighborhood is known as the home of the great Kings Theatre, a former movie palace that was recently redone into a 3000 seat venue for live performances. The Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts is a great space that enables audiences to see musical acts at reasonable prices.
Close to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park, Flatbush is a great residential neighborhood. Just as diverse as its population, the buildings in Flatbush vary in size and architecture. Some streets are lined with uniquely Brooklyn brownstones.  In the Prospect Lefferts Gardens sublet within the neighborhood, many painted murals can be found on formerly drab walls of buildings. Each mural represents the feelings of the area and the artists themselves.
The local food scene in Flatbush has quickly been developing.  Buffalo’s Famous is a local spot serving New York inspired wings and burgers. Hunger Pang is a local favorite with its comical name and unique Asian-American inspired menu that uses local ingredients. The Farm on Adderley is a popular spot for weekend brunch with its rustic decor and simple dishes. Beloved restaurants like Mangoseed and Bake & Things reflect the area’s large Caribbean population. The locals of Flatbush love their local restaurants, visit Flatbush and see why!


Trains: B, Q ; Buses: BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, B8, B49, B103


Bake & Things, Mangoseed, The Farm on Adderley, Buffalo’s Famous, Hunger Pang


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