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Where Modern and Ancient Chinese Cultures Meet

New York City’s Chinatown is located not far from Little Italy and contains the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere.
Historically, inhabitants of this area were Cantonese speakers, but Mandarin has fast become a more prevalent language. Within the neighborhood, one may also find sublets known as Little Fuzhou and Little Hong Kong.

Chinatown is even more noteworthy for its bustling businesses owned by Chinese immigrants. Predating Diamond Row, Chinatown’s Jewelry District includes jewelers such as Golden Jade who specialize in watches and loose diamonds in European, American, and Asian styles.

Situated nearby for further fashion finds is Luxury shoe footwear, stocking several name brands at good prices. Finally, tourists have the option of visiting the Museum of Chinese in America to learn more about local history, heritage, and culture.

ChinaTown NY

Tourism and restaurants are major industries. Chinatown has numerous historical and cultural attractions and is a stop for many double-deckers, food and walking tours.
Some highlights include landmarks like the Church of the Transfiguration and the Lin Zexu and Confucius statues. The New York Food Tours company runs programs taking visitors to the area’s eateries for dishes like Shanghai Scallion Pancakes and wonton soup.
There are more than 200 Chinese restaurants in this relatively small area including Joe’s Shanghai, Jing Fong and Amazing 66.


You can reach this neighborhood by subway lines 4, 6, F, B, J,Z,N, QR,W, or D. It is also accessible by Bus using M9,M15,M22,M103. Taxis are available to the area as well as double decker bus lines.


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