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An Original Dutch Settlement, now turned Hipster Settlement

This western Brooklyn neighborhood is home to the largest population of Latino immigrants in NYC. The neighborhood borders Williamsburg to the north, Bedford-Stuyvesant to the south and Ridgewood, Queens to the west.
In the 1800s, the neighborhood became a prominent area for industrial manufacturing, with the neighborhood dominating in the northeast as the “brewery capital of the Northeast” in the 1890s.
Over time, the neighborhood has gone through multiple cultural changes,  becoming revitalized in the 2000s. Recently, the neighborhood has become a “hip” place for newcomers and artists to gather.
The street art from the Bushwick Collective is great place to browse. The collaborative art project was created to combat graffiti plastered on neighborhood walls. Now local and international artists have left their mark on the neighborhood , with colorful portraits and paintings on the walls of Bushwick. Located underground, Airplane Gallery provides a 1000 sq ft space dedicated to engaging people through experimental art, food events, and seminars.
Restaurants in Bushwick offer a wide variety of tastes to draw crowds and foodies all around. Roberta’s, a hidden gem among famous pizzerias,  does not disappoint. People can enjoy a wood burned oven pizza in the restaurant’s industrial-style dining areas.
Though not a shack, Momo Sushi Shack itself is not your average sushi place. The restaurant provides a warm ambiance with communal tables and unique dishes such as sushi bombs and sushi tapas. For Korean-Japanese food made with local ingredients, visit Sandobe.


Trains: J, M, Z, L ; Buses: B12, B38, B52, B54, B60


Nicandra’s, Airplane Gallery, Momo Sushi Shack, Sandobe, Bushwick Public House


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