Coney Island

The Home of Nathan's Hot Dogs, Luna Park and 2 Different Cyclones

Only in Coney Island can you get 2 professional sports teams, an amusement park and a truly original Hot Dog.
Located on the southern Brooklyn peninsula, this beachfront neighborhood is a favorite leisure spot among locals and visitors alike. Between the 1880s and World War II, the park was a popular beachside destination, with hotels and bathing spots.
In 1903, Coney Island’s first amusement park, Sea-Lion Park opened with its signature ride, the Steeplechase Horse Ride. The original Luna Park opened simultaneously, attracting visitors with lights from early electricity.
Astroland was the longest serving amusement park, serving park goers from 1962-2008. In 2010, the park was replaced with the current rides and attractions of the new Luna Park. The newer park revived the classic roller coaster, the Thunderbolt, bringing a legend home. In light of recent tourist traffic, the park is being restored for old and new audiences to discover.
Coney Island - Popular Attractions, Parks & Restaurants
Taking a trip down to Coney Island is an all-time classic, experience to enjoy with family or friends. Luna Park offers a variety of rides, games, attractions, and food.   As a result, it is the perfect spot for families of all ages.
One of the oldest roller coasters in the United States, the Coney Island Cyclone, is situated here and does not disappoint. Built in 1927, this historic ride remains the most iconic attraction of the park. Riders and thrill-seekers can ride the 2,640 tracks at a 65 mile/hr speed. The coaster has six drops along the track, with an 85-foot drop as the highest point of the ride.
Another classic ride one cannot miss is the eccentric Deno’s Wonder Wheel. Located in its own theme park, the wheel has offered 35 million rides since its opening.
Besides Luna Park, Coney Island offers other options of activity for visitors and non-thrill seekers alike. Just next door to Luna Park, the New York Aquarium is home to aquatic animals alike. The aquarium has a variety of aquatic animals ranging from sea otters to sharks. Visitors can watch dolphins and other animals do tricks at the aquatheater or watch them in their habitats. Currently, due to neglect and a hurricane, the aquarium is undergoing a massive rehabilitation.
At MCU Park, catch a minor league baseball game with the Brooklyn Cyclones. Here you’ll get to see baseball at its best sitting among local crowds. If you’re a soccer fan, MCU park is also the home of The North American Soccer League and home for the New York Cosmos. If you love soccer, the New York Cosmos is a professional team to watch at an albeit affordable price.
Coney Island offers a wide variety of street fair food and options around.
In spite of all the food vendors, the best known classic American hot dog is Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs. Founded in 1916, this famous fast food location is essential for visitors to come to taste traditional hot dogs together with their crinkled fries. Every July 4th, the famous Nathan’s broadcasts the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.
Along the Coney Island boardwalk, Paul’s Daughter offers classic food familiar to the fairgoer. Visitors can grab a lobster roll, funnel cake, knish with a side of beer.
Likewise, for a more experimental food experience, try Coney Shack for your lunchtime choice. This food truck serves “NYC’s best street food”, by creating Vietnamese-Mexican fusion dogs and tacos. A perfect marriage for uniquely flavored food.
At Harway Pizza Gyro Falafel, food lovers can experience an all-around feast as the restaurant serves food from Italian to the Mediterranean.