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The Borough Is Quickly Rising In Popularity. You drive through it on your way from the airport. It’s across the water from your hotel. The trains you take have their last stops there. This gem is the borough of Brooklyn, and many have already realized what a treasure it is.


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Brooklyn should be an essential part of your trip to New York. Just like Manhattan, it has different communities with their own special landmarks. A well-known one to start your trip with is Dumbo. You can’t miss it because it’s huge, flashy welcome sign greets you as you exit the Brooklyn Bridge.

During the day (if it’s a Saturday) you can visit Smorgasburg, an open-air food market where you’ll see Instagram-worthy treats from all over the city. At night, you’ll want to take in one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline. Go up to the rooftop bar at 1 Hotel Brooklyn to watch the sunset, take a dip in their pool, and literally smell the roses in their garden.


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Another area of Brooklyn you’ve probably heard of is Williamsburg. It is well known for its contemporary art scene which mimics that of the Lower East Side. As the price of living in Manhattan has skyrocketed local artists have flocked to Williamsburg. If you’re thinking it sounds hipster, you’d be right.

Beer enthusiasts should stop by local brewer, The Brooklyn Brewery, which provides tours and tastings. Afterward, continue to stroll along the cobblestone roads and get your hands on some antiques or vintage clothing.

Further into Brooklyn, you’ll find Bay Ridge, which was iconized in the 1970s by the movie Saturday Night Fever. You’ll get another amazing view here, but of another borough – Staten Island! Sit under the Verazanno Bridge or walk along the Belt Pkwy Promenade. For the best sales go shopping on 86th street, which is home to dozens of name brands.

At the end of Brooklyn you have something not many would expect to find in New York – a beach! Brighton Beach, also called Little Russia by the Sea, is open during the summer. It has a large Russian population which is why you’ll see street signs and restaurant names written in both English and Russian. Grab a bowl of borscht at Skorovdka (“pan” in Russian), a restaurant just blocks from the beach.

The Coney Island Cyclone as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming


Bordering Brighton Beach you’ll find iconic Coney Island. It is home to Nathan’s Hot Dogs and the annual Mermaid Parade. Start in Brighton and walk down the boardwalk toward Luna Park, where you’ll find one of America’s oldest wooden roller coasters, the Cyclone, which first opened in 1927and is still functioning today. If you’re feeling adventurous you can hop on for a ride or take a wack at one of their other games.

At the end of the day Brooklyn is no Manhattan, but that’s why we love it. Don’t neglect it on your next trip to the Big Apple.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Bridge

The “Little Odessa” of Brooklyn
This oceanside neighborhood is located on the Coney Island peninsula. Nicknamed “Little Odessa”, Brighton Beach gives a taste of the Black Sea with a notable Russian speaking population, colorful shops and cultural restaurants. A walking distance from Coney Island, visitors can grab a nice spot to relax on the white sandy beach without the bustle of the famed boardwalk neighborhood. It’s a favorite for locals who want to escape city life without trekking to the Jersey shore. Visitors can take a casual stroll by Brighton Beach’s boardwalk to Seaside Park. Hungry beachgoers need not worry…local food vendors sell delicacies that visitors and locals alike love!
Visitors can also enjoy the local art and theater scene around Brighton Beach. The Master Theater provides entertainment for all with shows ranging from family-oriented musical plays to Russian language musical performances. Art lovers can buy original pieces at the Exotic Paintings gallery. Not interested in buying finished paintings? You can find your inner artist by taking art and painting classes at The Studio Fine Art Gallery.
Shopping around Brighton Beach can be interesting among first time visitors. Saint-Petersburg Trade House is a shopper’s delight. This quaint shop provides a cultural bridge between Russia and the U.S. by selling various cultural items such as books, music, movies and souvenirs. Outside of the shop, you can snap a souvenir photo with one the matryoshka doll cutouts. Shoppers can find tiny bits and baubles while browsing Kalinka Gifts.
Looking for a food adventure? Grab a bite at Cafe Not Your Mother-in-Law. This Korean-Russian restaurant offers Uzbek style fusion cuisine of both cultures. Their fan-favorite Kuksu soup is a refreshing cold broth for perfect for a hot day. At Oceanview Cafe, experience traditional Russian style cuisine enjoyed by the local residents. Popular dishes among the patrons are borscht and the vareniki. Little Odessa is an amazing new world to discover among the Brooklyn neighborhoods.