Boerum Hill

The "BO" in Brooklyn's "BoCoCa"

Located in northwestern Brooklyn, Boerum Hill is a small, quiet spot for small boutiques and chic restaurants.
Close to surrounding neighborhoods Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights, there are many options for service and convenience such as public transportation, great shopping areas and great restaurants.
Notably, Boerum Hill serves as the Bo of the neighborhood portmanteau “BoCoCa.” Named after a colonial family farm during Dutch settlement, the neighborhood sits atop former marshes rather than hills.
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Shoppers coming to Boerum Hill can experience an eclectic mix of vintage shops and chic boutiques. Grumpy Bert’s is a great place to find pop art style pieces at affordable prices. Mixing art with pop culture, the shop sells and curates art pieces and original vinyl toys for all to enjoy. Shoppers and thrifty fashionistas can find solace in finding unique wardrobe pieces and pieces at boutiques/consignment shops like Dry Goods and The Brooklyn Circus.
A staple in the neighborhood, Mile End Delicatessen presents classic Jewish deli food with a contemporary feel. Created with the freshest ingredients daily, the menu serves up classic staples such as potato knish and classic reuben to Canadian poutine with smoked meat.
Need lunch in a time crunch? Rice & Miso is a great place to take out food on the go. Specializing in Japanese prepared foods for on the go, the menu serves classic take out dishes from onigiri rice balls to bento boxes. With a wide variety of classic Vietnamese food, Hanco’s is the go-to place for top notch Banhmi sandwiches and the borough’s third-best Pho.
For a great stylish bar to hang out, Robert is the perfect place for happy hour. The bar offers a variety of custom drinks and has a fun musical jukebox for songs. 4th Avenue Pub is a local favorite for a quick drink in a casual environment. A great go-to spot for beer, St Gambrinus Beer has many varieties and selections of crafts and beers in a low key space.
Boerum Hill is an area to visit for those who want to experience Brooklyn and all its charm.