Where New York City loyalties lie

Angel Torres, Staff Writer
the yankees

New Yorkers love sports. Anyone who grew up in New York could probably tell you they spent their days playing basketball or baseball after school. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, New York’s teams have become so iconic, their names and their stadiums are recognizable by anyone — this includes people from out of state.

Although fans of one sport might argue that it’s relevance in New York is higher than another sport, it’s hard to argue about the unifying power that sports has on people. Even if fans of different teams or of different sports disagree, there still lies the fact that they had something to disagree on, something to talk to each other about. This feeling of unity — even if it’s unity through dissent — is palpable at every sporting event throughout New York. For this very reason, going to a sport’s event is a must when in the Big Apple.


The New York Knicks

The Knicks

One of the most iconic teams is the New York Knicks. The Knicks’ name came from a name in the book “History of New York.” The author of the book published under a pseudonym with the last name Knickerbocker — a name that stuck and was shortened to its current nickname.

The Knicks play at Madison Square Garden in midtown Manhattan. The start for the 2018-2019 NBA season will be in October and will run through June. If you’re visiting New York during this time, a great idea would be to catch a game.

The Liberty

The New York Liberty

The New York Liberty is one of New York’s most underrated teams. This women’s basketball team plays at the Westchester County Center. The team has an iconic logo that features the statue of liberty with the flames as a basketball — a reminder of how hard this team plays.


The Mets

The Mets

The long-standing argument about whether the Yankees or the Mets are New York’s main baseball team has yet to be left in the dust. Both teams have remained extremely relevant to New York culture up until now and it doesn’t seem as if they’ll be disappearing anytime soon.

The Mets play at CitiField located in Queens. The stadium is easily accessible via the 7 train and is a major attractions during baseball season. Tickets can go for cheap, so if you’re in the area, make sure to check them out!

The Yankees

the yankees

The Yankees are another team that is iconic to New York. The stripped uniform that this baseball team wears is recognizable anywhere you go. Like Mets’ games, tickets can go for cheap, if you don’t mind sitting in the bleachers. If you don’t like baseball, go for the experience. There is nothing like sitting back with a beer, a hot dog and some friends to watch a game.

The Yankees can be found playing at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.


The Rangers

the rangers

Hockey has been known for a long time as a violent sport. Many people would even argue that you watch a game just for the fights — these people aren’t true fans! Any fan of hockey knows that what makes the game great is the fast-paced gameplay that all the skilled players bring. The fast skating from one side of the rink to the other and the satisfaction of getting a complicated shot in the net.

The Rangers play at Madison Square Garden.

The Islanders

the islanders

Just like the Rangers, the Islanders are another team that shares the state of New York. New Yorkers may disagree on which team is better, but around the board, it’s still New York pride.

Catch the Islanders at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.


The Giants

the giants

Football has become a staple of American life. Almost every large university has its own football team, with players that get drafted to the NFL every year. Seeing a star rise and predicting how teams and players will do is one of the largest appeals to sports. People like to talk about the “what ifs.”

The Giants are one of New York’s two football teams. Through a unique arrangement both New York football teams play at the MetLife Stadium.

The Jets

the jets

Now that sports betting might become bigger in the future with legality laws changing, keeping a eye on how teams are doing might be a good idea, even if it’s just for your fantasy team.

The Jets are the other New York football team. They can also be found at the MetLife Stadium.

Even if you aren’t into football, or sports for that matter, going to a game can be exciting. The crowds go wild for the teams that they root for, and the SuperBowl is known around the world for its impressive halftime show. Fans are notorious for getting crazy for their teams, which can be messy at times, but is also one of the reasons that seeing a live game is so much fun. Especially with football games, tailgating before the game is almost a ritual done with friends. People come together for the sake of a common interest and to enjoy themselves. Next time you’re in New York, go check out one of the iconic New York teams and sports!


The Best Places to Ride a Citi Bike in NYC

citi bike

Citi Bike docking stations are located all over New York City, providing people with the opportunity to opt for an inexpensive way to travel, good exercise, and the ability to see New York City through a whole new lens. Enjoy some of the most popular routes of Citi bikers and the beautiful views that they provide throughout the Big Apple.
central park new york
What’s a visit to NYC without biking around Central Park? The Central Park South & 6th Ave Citi Bike station allows you to fulfill your desires to ride around the loops of Central Park in a safe and easy manner.  It provides some of the most picturesque sights including fountains and statues that have become cultural symbols of NYC. With the inside of the park being car-free, the bike ride is extremely pleasant.

Grab a bike at the 12 Ave & W 40 St station where the waterfront view that the Hudson River Valley Greenway provides is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.  The cool sea breeze and the calming ambience coupled with the breathtaking view of the New York City skyline will make this bike ride unforgettable.  After you dock your bike at the West St & Chambers St station, you can walk just a couple of blocks to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

brooklyn bridge park
No trip to NYC would be complete without a bike ride around DUMBO, where you have an incredible view of both the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn BridgeThe Old Fulton St station under the Brooklyn Bridge can provide you with a bike to start your exploration throughout this quirky Brooklyn neighborhood. Ride through Brooklyn Bridge Park and sit by the waterfront, taste the delicious food from nearby restaurants, and take tons of Instagram-worthy photos that will make your trip to NYC that much more memorable.

governors island

For a low-key and serene bike ride, hop on the ferry to Govenor’s Island and pick up  a bike at Soissons Landing. Get ready to explore all of the hidden gems that this island has to offer. Relax in the Hammock Grove area, play a game of mini golf, or take in the beautiful sights and sculptures that can be found throughout the island.

Hangout With Furry Felines in NYC’s Cat Cafes

nyc cat cafes

Play With The Cutest Pets!

Cat Cafes are the solution to anyone ever wanting a cat but not being able to get one whether it be your landlord not allowing it, your little sister having allergies, or you being on the road all of the time.  This is your chance to interact with cats in a setting that is reminiscent of a home without making any long-term commitments.

Meow Parlour

Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe, allows you to relax and spend time with free-roaming cats for a cheap price. Enjoy a sweet treat wmeow parlourhile you’re there from the Macaron Parlour while you cuddle up with cats and make some new furry friends. All of the cats are adoptable through Meow Parlour Cats, Inc.  Lounge on the cozy seats or sit by the front window and watch as the cats become the spectacle of passers-by. Reservations are extremely encouraged, and more time can be added to your stay by paying on site.

Koneko Cat Cafe

cat cafes

Koneko, America’s first Japanese cat cafe and sake bar has a completely Japanese-influenced menu that you can enjoy in the presence of some adorable cats. The cats walk freely through this three-room space where you can sit back and relax and maybe have one jump in your lap. Koneko’s central mission is to find loving homes for cats pulled from the city’s “at-risk” list by Anjellicle Cats Rescue. The at-risk list is the last stand for New York City’s cats that are scheduled to be euthanized shortly thereafter. At this point Anjellicle activates its network of foster homes and pulls as many cats as possible from the list. Some of these lucky kitties end up at Koneko, where they’re able to be adopted by  guests. Reservations are necessary to ensure you will get time in the Cattery on busy days.

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe

cat cafe

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is the only non-profit cat cafe in New York City. Their mission is to save the cities cats by providing them with an environment to interact with cat-lovers and volunteers willing to help care for these animals. The prices to come snuggle with playful kittens can’t be beat at $7 per half hour for walk-ins, and $6 per half hour for reservations. You can also visit with the cafe turtles and the cafe rats, as well as the nursing kittens.  Movie nights are also offered for both adults and children to enjoy, with the cats of course. Yoga classes are also available on some weekends with the cats roaming around to assist you with your yoga positions.

A Look at the Outdoor Concerts Coming to NYC this Summer

concert nyc forest hills stadium
With the warmer months right around the corner, it’s time to bust out your best swim trunks and flip flops and prepare to crowd-surf at some of the most entertaining concerts that New York City has to offer this summer. Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time because these amazing concerts will sell out fast.

If you are looking for a free concert in NYC, Grammy award-winner Common will be preforming for BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn at the Prospect Park Bandshell on June 5th.  Common, who is notorious for his work as an influencer and an activist is sure to wow you with his inspirational raps and creative expression.

arctic monkeys nyc concert

Get ready to rock on July 24 with the Arctic Monkeys at Forest Hills Stadium. This English rock group is returning to the music scene after a brief hiatus and will wow you with their unique sound and meaningful song lyrics.  This former tennis stadium has hosted some of the best concerts the city has ever seen, with thousands of people continuously coming back for more every year.

zac brown band
Come join the Zac Brown Band in a celebration for their eighth headlining North American Tour at Citi Field on July 28th. Watch as they bring fantastic country music to the heart of New York City with special guests One Republic for just $40, a steal for modern concert tickets.

beyonce and jay z

What’s a summer concert series without Queen B herself? Beyonce and Jay Z will be performing at MetLife Stadium on August 2nd, and are guaranteed to put on a stunning performance for a crowd full of their most diehard fans. Get your tickets quickly for a concert that no one is going to want to miss.

jason mraz nyc

If you are looking to go to a laid-back concert filled with good vibes and soothing music, then Jason Mraz at the Prospect Park Bandshell on August 7th is the concert for you! Mraz’s catchy melodies and unique fusion of pop and indie style music will send smiles through the crowd.

Where to Play Shuffleboard in NYC



Playful crowds are always drawn to shuffleboard tables in bars and pubs across the city, bringing people together for nights filled with laughter and fun. Shuffleboard is a simple game in which you push weighted disks with cues to see where they end up in a marked scoring area, a favorite for NYC locals and those coming from out of town. Here are some of the best places to pick up a new shuffle boarding hobby.

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is  a walk-in shuffleboard club with $40 court rentals on a first come first serve basis. Play is limited to one hour per party so that everyone has the opportunity to play. A different food truck is featured outside every night to offer you something delicious. At the beginning of every shuffleboard game a  Royal Palms crew member will give a short lesson on how to play the game and answer any questions that you may have. 

Plug Uglies is located in Gramercy and offers delicious cocktails, beers, and wines, and a chance to play on their famous free full-sized shuffleboard.  This is the only free full-sized shuffleboard in NYC so jump at your chance to play a game on it.  This unique handmade bar and decor will set the tone for a fun-filled night with friends. Watch the game while you wait for your turn to play and socialize with all of the other players in this bar that has become the talk of the neighborhood.

sweetwater social

Sweetwater Social is a speakeasy-like location in NoHo with an intimate and welcoming environment. Enjoy hand-crafted cocktails while you partake in a variety of games like foosball, shuffleboard and vintage arcade games. Coupled with the delicious comfort food and unique drink selection, you will surely enjoy yourself with these games and maybe even feel like a kid again.

nancy whiskey pub

Since 1967 Nancy Whiskey Pub has been the home of great burgers, whiskey, and fun games of shuffleboard. Highly regarded as one of the best dive bars in NYC, Nancy Whiskey Pub hosts open shuffleboard tournaments most weekend nights. It home to the only bank shuffleboard table in Manhattan. No experience is necessary in order to play. Informal play goes on all week, with tournament play most Saturday and Sunday nights.

Test Your Archery Skills in NYC

archery nyc

archery nyc

Archery is a sport that combines balance, patience, and skill to hit a certain target. Historically, it was used as hunting and combat methods that have since become modernized and used as a recreational and competitive activity. It allows you to shy away from technology for a little while and gain confidence and a newfound power within yourself just by having the bow and arrow in your hand.

Check out these fun archery spots in NYC to discover the great archer skills you never new you had.

ProLine Archery Lanes INC is one of the oldest archery locations in NYC and has been revamped since its opening in the mid 70’s. It was originally organized as a club for archers to band together and partake in one of the oldest known sports, now opened to the public. For just $13 or less, you can shoot in the range all day, and rent equipment for just $20. With its indoor 20 yard range and professional staff, you are sure to have a thrilling experience in a relaxed social environment.
gotham archery nyc

Gotham Archery in Brooklyn offers an introductory course for first time archers and for just $40, a certified archer will lead you in a lesson to help improve your balance, strength, and aim when shooting your arrows. Experienced archers can also test out of the intro class and go straight to shooting arrows.

Experience the excitement of shooting arrows at Queens Archery in Flushing. This facility offers the chance to learn proper techniques and safety in their lessons and is very family-friendly. Enjoy an inexpensive hour or two of fun with instructors who will explain everything in depth and make you feel comfortable when shooting, even if it is your first time.
archery nyc
Victory Archers Club offers a 20 yard indoor range to archers of all ages who are welcome to come to lessons given by certified and friendly instructors. The newly renovated archer range and target faces allow for a comfortable shooting environment where you can focus on your aim.

Curling in NYC: Channel Your Inner Olympian

curling nyc

curling nycFor decades, curlers had to travel out of New York City just to play the game, but now there is no shortage of places to throw some stones. Curling is an unusual sport that has garnered even more popularity in NYC over the past few weeks following the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. It may look simple to slide a stone across ice and sweep it as it glides, but try it for yourself and see how challenging and fun it is.

Curling consists of 2 teams of 4 or 2 teams of 2 for mixed doubles. Teams compete over 10″ends” and will throw 8 stones as the game progresses. As one player throws a stone, teammates sweep in front of the stone to smooth its path, speeding up or slowing down the stone and manipulating its curl. The goal is to finish the end closer to the center of the target than your opponent and receive a point. The team with the most points after ten ends wins.

The Lefrak Center at Lakeside Brooklyn is home to an array of ice sports that you can try such as ice skating, ice hockey, and most importantly, curling.
CurlNYC puts on 90-minute introductions to the sport including learning the rules, delivering a stone, and the purpose behind sweeping the ice. All equipment is provided for you, and you are just advised to wear sneakers and comfortable and warm clothes that allow you to stretch. For just $65, you can become a pro-curler by the end of the day!
curling nyc
Join a sampler curling session at The Ardsley Curling Club  where you can learn the basics of the game, warm-ups, and how to make the stone curl. After enjoying a quick and safe game of curling on the ice, socialize with your fellow curlers and bond over your newfound curling passion. Each sampler session is $50 per person and is ages 12 & up.

Bring a group of friends and test your curling skills in this extremely inclusive sport, and meet other people who are trying out the sport for the first time as well.

Explore the Filming Locations of the Show Friends


One of the most popular tv shows of all time, Friends, is an iconic  symbol of pop-culture of the 90s and early 2000s, and is still enjoyed by people of all generations from all over the world. Visit the spots where all of your favorite Friends moments have taken place, and take Instagram-worthy photos of these locations reenacting the scenes from your favorite show.
central perk

Even though the interior of the Friends apartments were built in a Los Angeles studio, the scenes filmed of the exterior of the apartments were actually a real apartment complex located on the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street in the West Village. Central Perk, the infamous coffee shop where Rachel worked as a waitress does not actually exist beneath these Bedford apartments. In actuality, there is a Mediterranean restaurant called The Little Owl beneath the apartments.

 In season 3, Rachel gets a job at the department store Bloomingdales. Visit the location on Third Avenue that features beautiful outdoor paneling that glistens when the sunlight hits it, an alluring building in the Upper East Side.  Here you can find affordable designer clothing, perfumes, beauty products, home decor, and much more.

luclle lortel theatre
The Lucille Lortel Theatre in the West Village was used during filming of three episodes in season three where Joey performs and falls for his co-star and Rachel dates Tommy, played by Ben Stiller, but realizes he has a bad temper.

In season 7, The Plaza Hotel in the site of Monica and Chandler’s engagement celebration. Once here, you can experience live jazz performances and take in the elegant decor and end your exploration with a champagne toast, mimicking the one that Monica and Chandler did at this location.

Axe Throwing and Beer Drinking in the Heart of Brooklyn

axe throwing
Let off some steam at Brooklyn’s Kick Axe Throwing where you can experience the thrill of axe throwing like a real lumberjack in this colorful and comfortable space. With several seating areas decked out in plaid and axe ranges in the back of the space to test your skills, visitors are sure to have their adrenaline pumping.

axe throwing

There are several “axperts” on site that will teach you how to wield axes, and then its off to compete in fun axe throwing games and activities. Whether you come with a large group for some friendly competition, or to throw axes with strangers, there will be endless laughs and unforgettable times to be had.

axe throwing

Take a seat at the bar and enjoy beer or wine, or make it a fun family outing with the kids.

Children ages 7 and up are allowed to take a crack at throwing axes, and for kids who aren’t sticking the axe, they get to throw faux foam axes and score wherever their axe hits the target so they are still able to compete with adults.

For just $35 for a 75 minute range experience, this deal will certainly provide you with an unforgettable new axe throwing hobby. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

Enjoy this 3D tour of the venue!

Least Crowded Places for an Instagram-Worthy Photo Op in NYC

taking photos in nyc

Some of New York’s busiest areas are the site of photographs that are posted all over social media and kept in everyone’s photo albums for years to come. However, sometimes you may want to get away from the crowd and experience some of the more calm and serene areas in New York that provide breathtaking backdrops to your photos.
wave hill
Wave Hill

Wave Hill is a 28-acre public garden and cultural center in the Bronx overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades. Its mission is to celebrate the artistry and legacy of its gardens and landscapes, to preserve its magnificent views, and to explore human connections to the natural world through programs in horticulture, education and the arts. It provides several charming photo-ops with the greenery and blossoming flowers that are sure to be an unexpected highlight during your NYC trip.
doyers street
Doyers Street

Doyers Street in Chinatown is notoriously known as the “The Bloody Angle” because the curvilinear street enabled gangs to creep up on one another unseen. It is one block in length and has a sharp bend in the middle in which most people do not know even exists. This makes the street look incredibly long, allowing for a photo-op that is sure to leave your followers in awe at the length of the street and the surrounding emblems of Chinese culture that line the sidewalk.
the unisphere
The Unisphere

The Unisphere, located at the center of the radial pathways in the northern half of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, was commissioned for the New York World’s Fair of 1964-65.  The sphere features representations of the continents and major mountain ranges in relief, and is encircled by three giant orbital rings that represent the tracks of early satellites.  The capital cities of the world are marked by lenses which, during the fair, were illuminated by flashing lights.  This beloved symbol of Queens will provide a great background to your photo as its beautiful architecture is sure to draw everyone’s attention to it.
valentino pier
Valentino Pier

Now surrounded by industrial, residential, and historic buildings, Valentino Pier was once the site of an active shipping industry that once occupied the waters of the Buttermilk Channel and the Upper New York Harbor. Come here to capture a beautiful sunset with the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty in the background, as well as the scenic city scape.
chinese flower garden
New York Chinese Scholars Garden

The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden adds new dimension to our understanding of life in ancient China and serves as the perfect setting for a quiet photo-op. It features magnificent architecture that resemble mountains that inspired the poetry and paintings of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist monks and other scholars. Visitors can explore eight pavilions, a bamboo forest path, waterfalls, a Koi-filled pond, Chinese calligraphy, and a variety of Ghongshi scholar’s rocks including a 15-foot formation that towers over the central courtyard.
fdr four freedoms park
FDR Four Freedoms Park

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park is the first memorial dedicated to the former President in his home state of New York. Located on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island in New York City, the Park celebrates the Four Freedoms, as pronounced in President Roosevelt’s famous January 6, 1941 State of the Union speech. Take a picture of the surrounded skyscrapers illuminated by the sun or capture the Empire State Building across the water at night, and enjoy the serenity of this picturesque park.

brooklyn botannical garden
Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This display of gardening and horticulture can serve as a beautiful backdrop to your photos. Enjoy the peace and serenity that the blooming flowers and chirping birds provide while snapping photos of some of the rarest types of flowers in the world.
gantry state plaza
Gantry Plaza State Park

Gantry Plaza State Park is a 12-acre riverside oasis that boasts spectacular views of the midtown Manhattan skyline, including the Empire State Building and the United Nations. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the park’s four piers or through the park’s manicured gardens and unique mist fountain. Along the way take pictures of the rugged beauty of the park’s centerpieces – restored gantries. These industrial monuments were once used to load and unload rail car floats and barges; today they are striking reminders of our waterfront’s past. With the city skyline as a backdrop and the gantries as a stage, the park’s plaza is a wonderful place to enjoy a Spring day in New York and capture it in photos.