Brooklyn Heights

A Suburb You Want to Get Stuck In

As America’s first suburb, Brooklyn Heights offers views of its past through the rows of brownstone houses.
The neighborhood serves as New York’s first historic district, with streets named after prominent figures in Brooklyn’s history such as Pierrepont Street and Henry Street, named after Hezekiah Pierrepont and Dr. Thomas Henry respectively.
The neighborhood was historically a Native American settlement called Ihpetonga or “the high sand bank” by the Lenape Native Americans. The name Brooklyn Heights is an adapted version of the original name, Brooklyn Village. The Dutch settled into the neighborhood during the early 17th century, with ferries passing in the area ten years later. In 1965, Brooklyn Heights was named a historic district, the first of its kind in New York City.
Manhattan Bridge
Since the neighborhood is filled with history in every corner, there are activities for visitors to learn about Brooklyn Heights and its history though tour guides and activities. There are two different walking tours great for visitors looking for an interactive approach to Brooklyn Heights. Take a special group guided tour with The Big Onion, or take a self-guided tour by Free Tours by Foot. Explore Brooklyn on foot like a NYC local.
Along the western part of the neighborhood, visitors and locals can take a walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Located over Interstate 278, this 1,826-foot path offers visitors and locals multiple views of Liberty Island, the East River and the New York City skyline. The promenade is a perfect place for running, jogging, biking or catching the perfect shot of the sunset for Instagram.
Restaurants in Brooklyn Heights offer a wide variety of cuisines. Ranging from classic American to Middle Eastern, the neighborhood offers dozens of selections for a hungry foodie.
For weekend brunch dates with friends, head down to Colonie. The restaurant is known for making their dishes from the fresh local ingredients. They also serves regional craft beers and unique cocktail drinks, making finding the perfect pairing easy.
For food with a Middle Eastern flair, head over to Yemen Cafe for authentic Yemeni food with portions large enough to satisfy anyone’s hunger. At Henry’s End, innovative techniques and fresh local ingredients come together to make their unique dishes. Founded in 1973, the restaurant creates a comfortable environment with a low-key vibe, great for dinner with friends.
Montague Street is home to many shops, a mix of mass-retailers, vintage shops and restaurants alike. Many of these shops such as MAC and Benefit, have based their brick and mortar shops in converted brownstone buildings, offering layers of shopping up and down the street.