Belmont / Arthur Avenue

Bronx’s Little Italy

Perhaps the most interesting first impression one gets about Belmont is its shape. Its borders are laid out as such that the neighborhood resembles a crescent! The famed Bronx Botanical Garden and all its educational resources are not far from this section of the borough; the garden is one of its many National Historic Landmarks.

When the area was first developed, it was chock-full of Irish and German immigrants, but once the Jerome Park Reservoir and other facilities came along, a huge wave of Italians arrived. Belmont subsequently became known as the “Little Italy of the Bronx,” and its residents even today hold an annual Ferragosto celebration along Arthur Avenue.

After a period of decline, Belmont experienced a Renaissance. Italians still own the majority of businesses (including restaurants and shops), but Albanians and Latinos have also become part of the neighborhood fabric. A chapter of the New York Public Library operates the Enrico Fermi Cultural Center here, while part of the famous Bronx Zoo borders Belmont’s northeast edge.