Arthur Avenue and Belmont

Bronx's Little Italy

Perhaps the most interesting first impression one gets about Belmont is its shape. Its borders are laid out as such that the neighborhood resembles a crescent! The famed Bronx Botanical Garden and all its educational resources are not far from this section of the borough; the garden is one of its many National Historic Landmarks.

When the area was first developed, it was chock-full of Irish and German immigrants, but once the Jerome Park Reservoir and other facilities came along, a huge wave of Italians arrived. Belmont subsequently became known as the “Little Italy of the Bronx,” and its residents even today hold an annual Ferragosto celebration along Arthur Avenue.

After a period of decline, Belmont experienced a Renaissance. Italians still own the majority of businesses (including restaurants and shops), but Albanians and Latinos have also become part of the neighborhood fabric. A chapter of the New York Public Library operates the Enrico Fermi Cultural Center here, while part of the famous Bronx Zoo borders Belmont’s northeast edge.