Fordham and Riverdale of the Bronx

Bronx's Northernmost Tip

This mostly residential group of neighborhoods are located at the northernmost tip of the area collectively referred to as “New York City.” It is also one of the more affluent parts of the Bronx with a population of just under 50,000.

Riverdale is a place with a very colorful history. The settlement began life as a haven for the wealthy to build “country estates.” After the development of railroads, however, these well-off families were able to make the estates their permanent home. Within, an area called Hudson Hill retains many of these old mansions as well as historic churches. Another part, Fieldston, was named a historically significant district by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.

There are several other points of interest here. There’s Wave Hill, a botanical garden and outdoor art gallery, and Gaelic Park, which serves as the headquarters of New York’s Gaelic sports association. One can also find the Riverdale Monument, a memorial stone built in 1930 to honor the armed forces, in Bell Tower Park. Finally, Riverdale is home to the Derfner Judaica Museum, containing some 1400 Jewish ceremonial objects and Jewish pieces of art.