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Visiting NYC With Your Kids – 4 Simple Tips for Parents


Getting ready to take a vacation with your kids?

You may be wondering how you can keep everyone safe, comfortable and calm during your travels. But taking a trip with your kids doesn’t have to be stressful.

Follow these helpful travel tips to make traveling with your kids a wonderful, safe experience for your entire family.

Visiting NYC With Your Kids - 4 Simple Tips for Parents - Go Visit NYC
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Talk About Travel Safety with your kids 

If you’re getting ready to travel with your kids, you should have a conversation about safety.

Your first instinct may be to tell them not to talk to strangers. It’s what our parents always told us; but talking to strangers can be a good experience for your children, especially in New York City. Instead, talk to them about being smart when talking to strangers on your trip and how to find people to help them if they get separated from you.

Think about other safety measures as well, like showing children how to properly wash their hands or teaching them about airport security. If your children are younger, follow these safety rules yourself while traveling together.

Pack Your Children’s Suitcase the Right Way

As you pack your child’s suitcase, make sure you’re packing the right way for all of your adventures on your trip.

Check the weather to see if an umbrella or cute rain boots may be in order. New York can get be hot, cold, rainy or snowy depending on when you travel, so be prepared with layers and a change of clothes for you and your children.

For infants and toddlers, think about packing your own mini crib as well. Space is such a precious commodity in New York hotels, so you’ll want to make sure your little ones have a safe space of their own.

If you’re planning on using the hotel’s crib, you may want to think again. Those cribs may be outdated and can pose a safety risk, so it’s best to bring your own. Mini or travel cribs are so portable and easy to pack, and you’ll be glad to have one for your little traveler.

Pack Some Healthy Snacks To Save Time & Money

Whether you’re driving, flying or taking the train to New York, you may want to pack your own healthy snacks.

A cooler full of fresh veggies and other healthy snack options will keep you from turning to fast food while you’re on the road. Having healthy snacks packed can also save you time and money on trips with your kids.

Flying instead? You may be surprised to learn that you can bring your own treats for the flight as well. Check out current TSA guidelines regarding food and follow the rules when it comes to liquids.

Bring some reusable water bottles to fill once you get through security since water won’t make it past TSA unless it’s for a baby.

Make the Trip a Learning Experience Away from Screen      

Smartphones and tablets for your kids can be useful on trips.

Watching their favorite movie or playing a game can make a flight or car ride less stressful. But once you reach your destination, make them put those screens away.

New York and other destinations are full of so many interesting sights, sounds, and experiences, so encourage your kids to truly immerse themselves in the experience.

Let them pick out a couple of landmarks or attractions to visit to further engage them in your travels. Or, make up some fun, educational games to make your trip a learning experience for kids of all ages.

Travel is such an enriching experience for children. Try to keep your kids’ eyes away from screens so they aren’t missing out on the adventures. Traveling with your children is a great way to open their eyes to new places, new people and new experiences, so make sure you make your travels as stress-free as possible.

To Sum Up

Take some time to do some planning, talk to your kids about travel safety and use the travel tips above to make sure your family stays safe, happy and comfortable wherever your travels take you…

And remember – you’ve got to live a little too! Don’t hesitate to find a great dog sitter (assuming you bring your fur baby too) or babysitter and get out to enjoy a legendary night out in NYC!

Written by:  Daniel Sherwin

Visiting NYC With Your Kids – 4 Simple Tips for Parents


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