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Unusual Art Installations to Visit in NYC


New York City has been a hub of art and culture for centuries, and there is no shortage of public art installations around the city to be inspired.


art installations in nyc
Whether you want to take a picture worthy enough to be posted on your Instagram, or just enjoy the sight of a beautiful art piece, here are some of the most interesting installations that this artistically talented city has to offer.

The LOOP on The Plaza in The Garment District

This art installation features futuristic cylinders on display at ‘The Plaza’ in the Garment District that is seven feet in length, three feet wide, and nine feet high.

Pedestrians are invited to hop in and pump the movable lever to activate musical films. The cylinders light up once they spin and play musical movies that were inspired by modern-day fairytales.  Depending on how fast a person spins the Loop, the lights will be brighter and the music will be louder with more frequent images.

LOOP will be on view on the Broadway medium from 37th to 38th Street through March 31, 2018.


‘The Last Three,’ The World’s Tallest Rhino on view at Astor Place


‘The Last Three,’ The World’s Tallest Rhino on view at Astor Place - Go Visit NYC

On March 15, Sydney-based artists, Gillie and Marc, will unveil The Last Three, the world’s tallest rhino sculpture in an attempt to bring awareness to wildlife conservation and to encourage the global community to end the sale of rhino horns.

The sculpture features three golden rhinos stacked on top of each other to demonstrate the heightened need to protect these creatures because there are not that many of them left in the world.

Visit this tremendous display of activism and raise awareness for the cause.


David Bowie at the Brooklyn Museum


david bowie at Brooklyn Museum - Go Visit NYC

David Bowie is currently on display at the Brooklyn Museum and displays approximately 400 objects that include the artist’s original costumes, handwritten lyric sheets from famous songs, original album art, photographs, and videos.

Viewers are able to get a glimpse of Bowie’s creative process from his teenage years in England through his last years living in New York City.

This exhibit is to be featured from March 2nd to July 15th so go visit it today and be inspired by one of the worlds greatest musical talents.

The Earth Room

The Earth Room is a 22-inch-deep layer of dirt spread across a 3,600-square-foot gallery space in the middle of Soho, certainly a unique art piece that you have never seen before.

Created by American artist Walter De Maria in 1977, it has been a peaceful, quiet sanctuary from the bustle of the street below for three decades, where the mix of smells from the streets of New York is reduced to only one: the rich smell of soil.

While there were originally two additional Earth Rooms, both in Germany, this is the last one remaining. Though it would be a difficult piece to transport and reinstall elsewhere, it is estimated to be worth at least a million dollars.

The space itself, in Manhattan’s trendy SoHo neighborhood, is probably worth much more. Do not miss out on this enriching exhibit.


Unusual Art Installations to Visit in NYC


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