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Stay Out: Ghosts Ahead

Halloween is just once a year but New York is filled with ghosts that haunt all year round! Here is a list on the best haunted places in NYC:

Washington Square Park
Washington Square Parks is one of New York’s most loved parks. The park is in a beautiful neighborhood with a great community, it has lively entertainment, a great sense of New York spirit, and it also happens to be extremely haunted. In the late 16th century the New York government bought the land to use as a graveyard for the poor, criminals, and victims of epidemic. It wasn’t until the the yellow fever outbreak in 1797, 1798, 1802, and 1803, that hundreds of bodies were put into the ground of Washington Square Park. Nobody knows the exact number of bodies buried but some estimate it to be in the thousands. So, next time you’re taking selfies in the park watch out for the creepy white spot in the background.

The Ear Inn
The Ear Inn is one of the many historical places to eat and drink in New York. Many sailors and travelers would stop by the bar after prohibition because of its extreme popularity as a place of debauchery. The unique building is almost 200 years old, and the rich history gives it a unique vibe unlike anywhere else. The federal style townhouse is said to be haunted by a ghosts named Micky. They say he is a sailor waiting for his ship to come back, but it never comes, and he’s been stuck waiting for 100 years. Micky is supposedly friendly, so next time you want a nice dinner of beer and burgers, try dining with him at the Ear Inn.

Merchant’s House
Merchant’s House is one of New York’s most unique museum, not only because it’s inside historical look of 19th century life, but also because it’s haunted! Merchant’s House was once the home of the Tredwell family who lived in the house for nearly 100 years. One person Gertrude Tredwell, lived in the house her whole life. Some say because she was the last member to occupy the house, her spirit lives on within the walls. Since the museum has opened peculiar things have been happening, such as, strange sounds, unexplainable sightings, and odd smells. If you want to hear and experience this eerie haunting, Merchant’s House offers candlelight ghosts tours on the third Friday of each month from January through July.

If you don’t want to meet any real ghosts but you still want to be terrified here are some spine-chilling haunted houses in NYC:

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse
Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse is one of the best haunted houses in New York. Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse features moving floors, special effects, sudden actions, intense sound, crazy lighting, and an overall creepy environment. They also have a central haunted area called the midway where you can eat, drink, take a ride in the coffin attraction, and shoot zombies in the shooting gallery. A special feature of this haunted house is their “Monster Protection Amulets” which are flashing LED necklaces that can be worn to signal to the actors not to target that individual. Gateway also features a “Not-So-Scary Kids Adventure” on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4pm, for children 10 and under. This themed haunted ride has a fun guide and silly characters that put a smile on everyone’s face.

Blood Manor
Blood Manor is one of the most terrifying scary houses in New York. The 5000 square foot themed park has themed rooms and corridors, and a complicated labyrinth of passageways designed to maximize your fears. The terrifying journey is made on foot and is designed to give you more than the creeps. Blood Manor is definitely not a place for kids and the age restriction is older than 14 (14 and younger have to accompanied by a parent). On November 3rd and 4th from 7pm-12am Blood Manor features a special “Lights Out” theme where you can experience your worst fears in the dark. Each group is allowed to go through the horrifying manor with a glow stick…so be careful not to drop it.

This Is Real
This is real is unlike any haunted house you’ll ever go to, mainly because it’s not so much a house, but more of a horrifying kidnapping experience. You begin alone and you have to struggle to escape a bunch of different rooms while evading a “killer”. There are several twists and turns that you’ll have to escape, during the experience you have to figure out who to trust, where to go, and what sacrifices you’re willing to make. Unlike the other two haunted house, this one allows some touching, that way you fully immerse yourself in the petrifying experience. The experience is extremely time sensitive and very active. If you’re into major intensity, and want to live out an actual scary movie, This Is Real, is the place for you.

Stay Out: Ghosts Ahead


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