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Spending an evening in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is an area that is really transforming. It went from being known for the Financial District and attracting young professionals to being an area that is busy 24/7!

Spending an evening in Lower Manhattan – Check out the Perks of Lower Manhattan? Here you will find a young vibrant vibe, and expect to party with the locals (ready to be the first tourist partying here?) for a true NYC feel. Tag your nightlife experience with #govisitnyc (we would love to see your pictures)!

Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy an evening in Lower Manhattan.

Mr. Cannon

Mr. Cannon is a new speakeasy bar that just opened in the South Street (open daily from 5pm until 2am). The bar offers a cocktail menu featuring old classics such as the 1817 Martini. If this is not fancy enough for you, choose between several champagne bottles, all served with caviar (prices go up to a $1000 bottle Dom Perignion).

The location? It’s secret. And we are going to let you in on that secret, but if someone asks you, you didn’t hear it from us. Head into the 206 Front Street entrance and walk down the alleyway until you find a black door with a portrait of a rat on it and ring the doorbell.

The Mailroom

If you are looking for more of a wild night, head to the former Goldman Sachs building where the basement has been transformed into a club (open everyday from 11am to 2am). It shares space with the building’s actual mailroom, and the decor  has old-school post-office boxes.

Here you will also find cocktails and bottle service, and you can play a game on the shuffle board or bocce. The mailroom serves “a vibrant after-work and evening destination” where “you can expect performances by promising new artists.”

The Tuck Room

Sip on a cocktail or a bite to eat in this lounge while you enjoy a view of the South Street Seaport.

If the jet lag kicks in but you don’t feel like heading back to your hotel room quite yet, head downstairs to the iPic movie theater where you can enjoy a movie in a reclinable chair with a pillow and blanket. This is combined with in-theater dining: choose from a chef-driven menu and a cocktail menu (now this is what we call a real Friday night)!

Tuck Room - Spending an evening in Lower Manhattan

Living Room at the W

The Living Room at the W hosts “Sip Daily” 7 days a week (5-8pm) with DJs and lights seen through ceiling windows. It also has an outdoor terrace that is open all summer and winter…when it becomes an enclosed, heated terrace.

Living room at the W - Spending an evening in Lower Manhattan







Spending an evening in Lower Manhattan


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