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Ramadan in New York City


What is Ramadan?

For those that are unfamiliar with Ramadan, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. During Ramadan, Muslims fast and abstain from pleasures, praying to become closer to God.

The fasting that Muslims do during Ramadan is month-long and during daylight hours. This means that during Ramadan, no food can be eaten from dawn until dusk. Typically, two meals replace traditional food consumption. These two meals are known as Iftar, the evening meal, and Suhur, the pre-dawn meal. Mohammed is said to have broken fast with dates, so today, the date is one a staple food during Ramadan. This fruit is one of the sweetest fruits as well, which is perfect for giving the body the sugar it needs after a fast.

When is Ramadan?

In 2018, Ramadan will begin at sunset onTuesday, May 15 and will go on until Thursday, June 14.

In later years, Ramadan will begin on May 5, 2019; April 23, 2020; and April 12, 2021.

We’ve added a chart that details the days of Ramadan and when Suhur and Iftar begin

1st16-May-184:07 AM8:07 PM
2nd17-May-184:06 AM8:08 PM
3rd18-May-184:04 AM8:09 PM
4th19-May-184:03 AM8:10 PM
5th20-May-184:02 AM8:11 PM
6th21-May-184:01 AM8:12 PM
7th22-May-184:00 AM8:13 PM
8th23-May-183:58 AM8:14 PM
9th24-May-183:57 AM8:14 PM
10th25-May-183:56 AM8:15 PM
11th26-May-183:55 AM8:16 PM
12th27-May-183:54 AM8:17 PM
13th28-May-183:53 AM8:18 PM
14th29-May-183:52 AM8:19 PM
15th30-May-183:52 AM8:19 PM
16th31-May-183:51 AM8:20 PM
17th1-Jun-183:50 AM8:21 PM
18th2-Jun-183:49 AM8:22 PM
19th3-Jun-183:49 AM8:22 PM
20th4-Jun-183:48 AM8:23 PM
21st5-Jun-183:47 AM8:24 PM
22nd6-Jun-183:47 AM8:24 PM
23rd7-Jun-183:46 AM8:25 PM
24th8-Jun-183:46 AM8:26 PM
25th9-Jun-183:45 AM8:26 PM
26th10-Jun-183:45 AM8:27 PM
27th11-Jun-183:45 AM8:27 PM
28th12-Jun-183:44 AM8:28 PM
29th13-Jun-183:44 AM8:28 PM
30th14-Jun-183:44 AM8:29 PM

Tips for Fasting

A 2017 New York Times article asked readers for tips on fasting. Some of the tips were very practical, like consume high-electrolyte beverages and eat foods high in protein. Ramadan is not just about fasting, however, it is also about family, friends and spiritual connectedness.

Ramadan is broken by a festival known as Eid al-Fitr.

Ramadan in New York City

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