How Not to be a Vegetarian

SORRY. We’re going to be bold. We’re going against the grain. We respect the vegans and vegetarians of the world but the NY Carnivores still want their piece of meat. Here are some places we like that show How Not to be a Vegetarian:

Frankie and Johnnie’s Steakhouse:
Frankie and Johnnie’s is one of the oldest continuously running restaurants in New York City and the food definitely shows you why. The steakhouse, with various locations, is one of New York’s best places to eat after a show. The various items on the menu are continuously delicious. Items like, Smoked Applewood Bacon Steak, Double Loin Lamb Chops, Tomahawk Rib Eye, and the classic NY Strip Steak, are just a few of the most succulent pieces of meat that you will ever have. Frankie and Johnnie_new york

Four Cuts Steakhouse:
Four Cuts is one of New York’s best and classic steakhouses. Their USDA prime, dry-aged steaks, are aged in Four Cuts’ very own aging box! Four Cuts Steakhouse is the first boutique steakhouse venture for their Executive Chef Joaquin Linares. Chef Linares menu adds to the classic steakhouse dishes by joining the menu with a delicious an array of seafood dishes. Four Cuts New York

Dining In Brooklyn
How Not to be a Vegetarian

212 Steakhouse:
212 Steakhouse is one of New York’s best known steakhouses, mainly for it’s authentic Japanese Kobe beef and its Australian and Japanese Wagyu. 212 Steakhouse is the one and only steakhouse to have permission for Kobe beef officially in the East Coast. Their delicious salads and sides perfectly compliment the exquisite steaks and entrees that 212 Steakhouse offers.

American Cut Steakhouse:
American Cut Steakhouse is known for its gorgeous ambiance and dining experience. Their setting combines classic dining nostalgia with today’s modern social life, making it the perfect restaurant to go to with any amount of people. The menu has unique items like Steak Tartare with a sunny side egg and tabasco, Bone Marrow on filone toast with a JD spread, and cornflake crab cakes. Their classic steak menus comes in two categories: wet aged (Hanger, NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse) and dry-aged (Bone-In Rib Steak, New York City Cut, Tomahawk Chop, and Surf and Turf). They also have speciality steaks for every occasion!

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