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Houston Hall: Calling All Beer Enthusiasts!

Looking for a night out? An after-work endeavor to unwind? Houston Hall has you covered.

Photos vividly depict a party-like atmosphere as “the norm” at the 112-year-old, barn-like, southern-inspired food and beer venue in New York’s West Village (the venue, a garage, used to be owned by the FBI). This includes their Happy Hour: all day on Monday, and Tuesday – Friday from 4-7p.m. Sample some of their latest brews and appetizers such as $2 beef or pork sliders, $8 drinks, and $9 wine.

Speaking of brews, Houston Hall makes their own. They’re made in upstate New York, including an enLIGHTened Lager (with fewer carbohydrates and calories—you can worry less about messing up your figure). Brews of different tastes and colors occupy the bar counter and are paired with southern classics like BBQ ribs and fried chicken.

Guests enter through a cobblestone tunnel and find an enormous space with 50ft. wood beams & trusses, towering antique mirrors on muddled brick walls and original garage floor with parking lines still visible. Old world steelwork and vintage furnishings surround long communal tables.

On Thursdays and Fridays during Happy Hour, hosts a live DJ  and streaming from 5-9 p.m. By the way, Houston Hall’s happy hour has been labeled “the city’s best.” With the exception of Sundays, Hall is open from the later afternoon until the early a.m. hours.

Houston Hall is also a great place to hold events from small, 25-person maximum gatherings (in designated private rooms), to weddings, corporate presentations, viewing parties, team-building activities, or the like. The venue can hold a maximum of 300 people for larger-crowd gatherings. Furthermore, the old-fashioned former parking garage is a nice, laid-back environment perfect for catching a Yankees game.

Brides and grooms-to-be, if you’re scouting potential venues, do consider Houston Hall. The venue provides an open space complete with skylights that make it an idyllic photo spot. Customizable menus and spacious private dressing rooms are provided, too. In such an event, Hall can accommodate 200 guests maximum. One woman who wed at the Beer Hall in January 2017 described it as having an “artistic ambiance” and how much she loved the brick wall and stone entryway, giving it a very antique and intimate vibe.

As far as reviews, the most-frequently used word from guests is “fun.” What used to be a parking garage has turned into one of the liveliest social-gathering spots in New York City. Whether you are a native or visitor, head out to the dimly-lit western-style bar for a social, refreshing evening.

Check out their Facebook page and website for consistent updates and an array of photos from different events, or call them at (212) 675-9323 to book a reservation for an event, wedding, or the like.

Houston Hall: Calling All Beer Enthusiasts!

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