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Ever Thought You Were Past the Age for a Nap?

Think Again!

Located on 36th Street and 7th Avenue, Nap York is a club that provides a variety of wellness services to sleepy New Yorkers. That’s right: napping is no longer a thing of the past.

Nap York is split into three sections: The yoga and lounge area, the recharge floor, and the cafe. Each section is meant to be relaxing and stress free. They have comfortable seating, pillows, and plenty of areas that can be used for simple relaxation. There is a lot of greenery inside the club along with soft lighting, which adds to the feeling of well-being. Even if you aren’t into yoga, meditation, or napping (who isn’t into napping?) Nap York has an ambience that could save you from a stressful day.

Yoga and lounge

Nap York offers yoga classes for those that are interested. They run $20 per class and have a variety of classes to offer. If you aren’t into yoga and just want a place to relax, Nap York has lounging areas that have comfortable seats, bean bags and a lot of quiet. You can take a trip to this club to read a book, listen to music in comfort or simply to escape the bustling city outside.


Recharge floor

This is what Nap York is truly known for. The Recharge floor is exactly where the titular deep is done. On this floor you’ll find dim lights and many beds. The prices are $10 for every half an hour — a cheap price to pay for some peace and quiet in New York City.



The cafe has a modern feel to it. All the items are delivered to you via a 30-foot-long conveyor belt. The cafe makes sure to keep nutrition and wellness in mind. Did we mention there were hammocks on this floor? So be prepared to hop into a hammock, right in the middle of some beautiful trees to enjoy your delicious Nap York drink.


Nap York offers membership options and drop-in services. So make sure to check it out. It could be the daily escape you need from work, life and stress.


Ever Thought You Were Past the Age for a Nap?

480 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018


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