The Easter Parade in NYC! A full-blown cultural experience!

The annual Easter Parade in NYC is a historical event that integrates the fun and color of NYC with its religious and cultural history. Though held on and named for the Christian holiday, the parade’s religious aspects have faded since the turn of the 21st century. The festivities have become a celebration of  historic prosperity and tradition amongst New Yorkers, who stroll down the streets in fine clothes and extravagant costumes.

An example of an Easter bonnet from the parade in 2016.
The parade, which features brightly- colored bonnets, smiling spring faces, and costumes of all kinds, takes place on 5th Avenue  (49th – 57th streets) in Manhattan  from 10am to 4pm on Easter Sunday, April 1st. It’s a New-Yorker-driven parade — Anyone can participate! Dressing up, whether that means a vastly colored costume  or your Sunday best, is highly encouraged!  Click here to see some of the colossal costumes of 2016!
New York City’s Easter parade was the utmost cultural expression of Easter from the 1880s through the 1950 in the US; many people showed off their most extravagant finery and paraded through the streets with their families in a celebration of rebirth.
A historical example of the parade, largely centered around the Gothic cathedrals and structures of the city.

Whether religious or not, its an indescribable NYC experience in the springtime. We highly recommend you add it to your itinerary!

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