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Dog-Friendly Places in NYC!

Barking Dog

Address: 1678 Third Ave, NY, 10128

Hours: Mon – Sun: 8am – 11pm.

Contact: 212-831-1800

Located on the Upper East Side, The Barking Dog is a completely dog-friendly American restaurant. Providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is also a child-friendly establishment with a kid’s menu, making it a great spot for everyone. They also have a doggy drinking fountain, thus ensuring everyone is happy!

Prospect Park Dog Beach

Address: 95 Prospect Park West, Brooklynn, NY, 11215

Hours: Mon-Sat: 5am – 1am

Contact: 718-965-8951

Prospect park dog beach is great place for dogs to swim around and enjoy the water leisurely. Recently having undergone reconstruction and renovation, the park now includes less intrusive underwater fencing providing a more comfortable separation of wildlife from dogs.

The Bean

Address: 54 2nd Ave, NY, 10003

Hours: Mon-Sun: 7am – 11pm.

Contact: 646 707 0086

Located within the East Village, the bean is a great coffee-place to bring your pup whilst indulging in a great blend of coffee. It is trendy, chic and a good place to catch up with your friends or spend quality time with your dog!

Tompkins Square Dog Run

Address: 500 E 9th St, NY, 10009

Hours: Mon-Sun: 6am – 12am

Contact: 212 – 639 – 9675

The Tompkins Square Dog Run has a large running surface for dogs to freely enjoy, followed by a small and large dog run, as well as over 2 swimming palls, a bath area and hose are available to spray your dog before leaving. This is a great spot for dogs to explore and enjoy some time outside playing with others!

For more info on Tompkins Square Park, click here. 

Boris Horton

Address: 195 Ave A, NY, 10009

Hours: Mon – Fri: 7am-8pm, 8am-8pm.

Contact: 212-510-8986

Boris and Horton is a great dog-friendly café that serves delicious coffee, providing you with the key ingredients to catch up with friends, work, or enjoy some time with your dog in their trendy and quant setting. They also have various events organized that happen daily to keep you and your pup busy and entertained!

Siruis Dog Run

Address: 385 S End Ave, NY, 10280 (Kowskey Plaza @ Battery Park) 

Named after a brave kanine who lost his life during 9/11, the Sirius dog run was created to accommodate all the dogs within the gateway area. It provides a free open space for owners and their dogs to run, play and spend time whilst meeting other pups!

For more info on Battery Park, click here.


Address: 45-58 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY, 11101

Hours: Mon-Fri: 4pm – 4am, Sat: 1pm-4am, Sun: 1pm-12am

Contact: 718-786-5400

Located within Queens, the L.I.C bar is a watering hole with a great outdoor patio, surrounded by trees, vines and candles that is dog-friendly, and you can bring your dog to sit outside! With a relaxed and cool vibe, this is a great place for a low-key night, joined by fun cocktails and beer.

Hillside Dog Park Run

Address: Vine St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Hour: Mon-Sat: 6am-1am

Contact: 212-639-9675 

Located within Brooklyn Heights, there is a dog park where dogs and pups can enjoy some time outside playing, jumping or playing fetch with fellow owners. There are also benches and picnic tables available for owners to socialize with other owners, or simply just spend time with pups!

Lucky Dog

Address: 303 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 1211

Hours: Mon-Sun: 12pm-4am

Contact: 347-294-4971

The Lucky Dog is a great watering hole located within Brooklyn that is dog-friendly! With a laid-back relaxed vibe, this place is great for casual meet ups with friends or family, and provides good beer with a chilled ambience to fill up your evening!

Madison Square Park Dog Run

Address: Broadway, NY, 10010 (Jemmy’s Dog Run)

Hours: Mon-Sun: 6am-11pm

Contact: 212-520-7600

Within Madison Square Park there is a great space for smaller dogs to run around enjoy the sights of being within Manhattan! There is also water and cleanup bags that are provided, thus ensuring that the pups have a great time exploring.

For more info on Madison Square Park, click here.

Dog-Friendly Places in NYC!


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