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How to Celebrate Taco Day Right

Tacos. They are cheap and delicious, fun and zesty, full of flavor and instantly satisfying. This incredible food originated in Mexico and likely got its name from the miners, who used little “taco” charges to excavate ore. As the taco gained popularity, it took on many different styles and tastes according to culture and location. Now, this street food has earned its own national day! And here’s where you should go to celebrate it:

new york - taco
Otto’s Tacos
You like innovative options! Here, California native Otto Cedeno serves up homemade tortillas, taco salads, and their famous Gorgon. Yes, it is named after the Greek monster, likely for its size, and is made up of a delicious fried tortilla that is piled high with double the filling. You wont leave hungry!

Taqueria Diana
You love a good hole-in-the-wall. At this narrow East Village taqueria, owner Matthew La Rue brings California inspired Mexican food, with each tortilla freshly pressed for each taco. Open late every night (4am on the weekends!), even your latest nighttime craving will be satisfied with these tacos.

Los Tacos No. 1
You don’t mind waiting for the good things! Good, because at both its busy Chelsea Market and Times Square locations, you can expect a line. The puffed-up, grilled corn tortillas are piled high with an array of exciting flavor combinations to make one incredible taco.

So you’re a little fancy? Doesn’t mean you don’t love a good taco. Located in the Flatiron District, Cosme serves up contemporary cuisine inspired by traditional Mexian street food. Renowned Chef, Enrique Olvera and his team tailor the menu to suit the local and seasonal ingredients to keep their dishes at the highest quality of freshness and taste.

You love Mexican, but you are trying to watch your carbs. It’s okay! This tiny Hell’s Kitchen eatery offers healthy, fresh tacos, everyday from 8am to midnight. In addition to the homey atmosphere and the delicious tacos, the walls are lined with authentic Mexian snacks!

Do you only settle for food that is completely authentic? Straight from Yucatan, Tacombi is locally sourced, with fresh and delicious fare. From its humble beginnings serving tacos out of VW, not only will you get tasty authentic cuisine, you will also get a taste of Mexian hospitality.

Playa Betty’s
Are you a nostalgic west coast foodie? Tom Wilson and Eugene Ashe have gifted you with an entire coast’s worth of taco styles with this Cali-Mex shop. You can almost taste the salty ocean water and the sea breeze as you bite into their baja fish taco and sip on one of their many cocktails.

How to Celebrate Taco Day Right


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