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The Big Apple Circus Is Back!

The Big Apple Circus is back in New York after a yearlong hiatus! The beloved circus is celebrating its 40 year anniversary with the classic and cherished acts along with new performances. The experience of being a part of the adventure that is the Big Apple Circus is unlike anything else in the world. Join them at Lincoln Center from October 27th to January 7th!

The Big Apple Circus has many amazing acts from world renowned performers. Here a few of the ones that will keep you on your feet:

Elayne Kramer:
Although only 25, Elayne Kramer has been doing incredible feats practically all her life! She is a famed contortionist/hand balancer who also happens to shoot very accurate arrows with her feet. She was a part of the Big Apple’s 2012/2013’s Legendarium, and she is back in the 2017/2018 year to thrill and astonish audience members from all over once again.

Nik Wallenda:
Nik is part of the legendary Wallenda family, who have been performing for 7 generations. Nik is the holder of 10 world records and has performed death defying feats that are both astounding and terrifying. Nik is a part of the iconic Wallenda seven person pyramid and he continues to carry the legacy forward. He has trained and led the new group to perform in the magnificent and unbelievable pyramid.

Barry Lubin / Grandma the Clown:
Barry Lubin’s character Grandma the Clown is one of the most beloved characters in the circus. This comedic buffoon constantly brings smiles to everyone around. His acts have inducted him into several clown halls of fame and he is also the only clown in the world who has performed on all seven continents. His act as Grandma the Clown has been part of the Big Apple Circus for many years and it’s no wonder why people go to see it many times.

The Anastasini Brothers:
Giuliano and Fabio are brothers who perform an amazing icarian act which includes incredible gymnastic feats that will leave you wondering how much their chiropractor costs. The brothers have been performing all over the world and are 9th generation circus performers. If you want to be truly amazed, wait for their exciting act to start.

Ammed Tuniziani:
Ammed is the featured flyer and the leader of the Flying Tunizianis troupe. Ammed has been flying for 17 years and has created and perfected some of the most amazing tricks on the flying trapeze. His quadruple somersault will be the main feature of this year’s act at the Big Apple Circus. Prepare to jump out of your seats when you see him jump several feet in the air!

Dandino and Luciana:
Dandino and Luciana are multi-generation performers who combine art, acrobatics, dance, and daredevil skills and tricks into their roller skating act. They have performed all over the world, but this is their first appearance with the Big Apple Circus. Don’t miss their exciting and awe-inspiring act!

The Big Apple Circus will leave you in wonder and amazement, so don’t be the person to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience. Be a part of the most exciting circus out there and check them out today!

The Big Apple Circus Is Back!


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