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Best Juice Bars in NYC

Juice bars have been emerging all over New York City, garnering a lot of attention to healthy, delicious drinks that will keep you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed all day long.

Check out these notable juice bars that have each become popular for their own unique styles of preparing and serving their juices and smoothies.

Melvin’s Juice Box at Dream Downtown

melvins juice bar

The Dream Downtown gets a 37-seat offshoot of Melvin Major, Jr.’s celebrity-baiting West Village juice bar. On the menu are healthful concoctions like the Body Good (a kale-ginger-apple blend) and a PB&J shake of peanuts, berries, and granola.

Also on offer are salads and sandwiches, as well as American eats (roasted-squash burger, blue-corn-crusted salmon).

The Butcher’s Daughter

Coupled with the ethereal decor, come to enjoy elixir shots, smoothies, nut milk, coffee, teas, and food too at this plant-based restaurant.

They treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would treat meat, carving them into tasty dishes and delicious juices that are sure to satisfy your healthy cravings.



From the streets of Manhattan to the anyone’s doorstep, Liquiteria brings handcrafted smoothies and pressed juices to New Yorkers. With locations in Union Square and the East Village, Liquiteria’s nutrient-packed juices energize and alkalize the body for optimal health.

As New Yorkers hustle to start their day, they can try the Bulldozer, made with bananas, peanut butter, protein, and almond milk.

Oasis Jimma Juice Bar

This Harlem juice bar whips up affordable drinks with vibrant colors that are sure to provide you with the necessary nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

If you’re lucky, the counter person will blend each element separately, so you’re given a chilled, stratified cup, and it’ll be up to you to mix everything together into several delicious slurps.

Pressed Juicery

pressed juice bar nyc

This Juice bar presents premium, delicious, and nutritious juices with reasonable prices. Each of the bottles of juice has minimal ingredients that are listed on the front so you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

This juice will inspire you to gain the momentum you need to live and healthier and balanced life.

Best Juice Bars in NYC


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