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Best Comic Hobby Shops in NYC

Best Comic Hobby Shops in NYC

Forbidden Planet

This fun, lively, and comic-lovers haven is located right outside of Union Square, holding a world of sci-fi books, comics, and collectables anyone will enjoy. Forbidden Planet’s atmosphere is welcoming and joyful, so even non-comic readers will enjoy a visit!


Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics is one of the city’s leading comic book sellers, and has three locations in Manhattan, one being nestled in the heart of Times Square. This particular branch of Midtown Comics just happens to be the largest comic book store in the US!


St. Mark’s Comics

While this is not the fanciest-looking comic book store in the city, it offers incredible deals and stays open later than most of its fellow stores in the city. Somehow, whenever you’re in need of that one rare comic, St. Mark’s is bound to have it. It’s all a part of that tiny-store charm.


Jim Hanley’s Universe

This store not only houses a ton of comics to choose from, but accessories and t-shirts that any comic-book fan will love. It’s not as well-known as some of the other larger comic stores in the city, leaving you room to breathe when searching for that rare edition of Batman you’ve been looking for!


Bergen Street Comics

While this little Park Slope shop is not the largest comic book store in the city, it’s focus on independent comics and graphic novels makes for a unique and interesting selection of stories. Its quaint and refined design is inviting and warm, suitable for any reader.


Rudy’s Hobby & Art

This shop is nestled in one of Queens’ most cozy and well-known neighborhoods—Astoria. This shop has it all from model trains to sketch books to used books and vinyl. Rudy’s is the place to go for not just knick-knacks, but so much more.


The Compleat Strategist

In business for over 25 years, The Compleat Strategist has been a go-to for gamers in the city. It has an array of games, comics and collectables. They also offer a selection of books, and with the convenience of it being located right in Midtown East in Manhattan, it’s a no-brainer to pick up a brain game or two here!


Dashop Corp

With an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, Dashop Corp is the perfect place to pick up a deck of Pokémon cards or model kits. Right in the heart of Chinatown, this hobby shop offers games of every genre, and its selection is wide and packed with variety.


Twenty Sided Store

This superhero game shop is located in the trendiest spot in Brooklyn—Williamsburg. Run and owned by Lauren and Luis, two young game lovers, this place is loved by regulars and those who are just looking to pick up a game. The environment is wildly welcoming and fun, and playing games right in the store is highly encouraged!


Warhammar Games Workshop

This branch of the Games Workshop has an intelligent and extremely helpful staff, ready to help you find your favorite game or the newest miniature for your collection. They offer game play and painting of miniatures right in the store, which is right in the middle of Greenwich Village.

Best Comic Hobby Shops in NYC


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