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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

These Will Be Sure To Impress!

It’s less than a month to Valentine’s Day and perhaps you’re still not sure what to get your sweetie. We’ve put together a wide range of items to suit every type. Is your sweetie good with their hands? Maybe they’re crazy about cooking? Or are they a huge sports fan? Whatever the case may be, we’ve compiled 10 stellar gifts that will make them see how much you mean to them, this Valentine’s Day.

  1. For the Jewel Queen: Pandora

    What screams ‘I love you’ more than a nice little bauble. We put Pandora at the top of our list because their new Valentine’s Day collection not only celebrates romantic love, but also self-love and platonic love. Single this year? Celebrate it by purchasing a new Pandora hand finished charm. This collection launched on January 10th and is available at the Times Square and Herald Square locations.

  2. For the Sweet-tooth Sweetie: Sugarfina Treat

    A sweet for your sweetie? We’ve got just the trick. Sugarfina has several locations throughout NYC, and is here to satisfy all of your candy dreams. Their new Valentine’s Day collection has every kind of seductive sweet you could dream of: Baby Champaign Bears, Baby Rose Bears, bourbon flavored treats catered “for him” and pink champagne flavored candies “for her”, Malt Scotch Cordials, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Popcorn. I mean, who doesn’t like boozy chocolate covered candy? Candy lovers be prepared to have your honey eating these out of the palm of your hand.


  3. For the Sports Fan: NBA Store Merchandise

    Is your bae an NBA fanatic? Treat them to a gift from The NBA Store, which carries paraphernalia, jersey’s, snapbacks and casual wear. Located in midtown Manhattan this place is swarming with gear from every NBA team.

  4. For the Chef: Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

    Is your love a chef? Maybe they’re just a foodie and love to eat. Either way, this adorable waffle maker is not only cute, but it’s also useful. Just imagine cooking breakfast together on the weekends. Or if you don’t cook breakfast together imagine them cooking breakfast for you on the weekends. This Bed Bath & Beyond variety is easy to use, is non-stick (very important) and includes a recipe booklet.

  5. For the Handy-Person: Personalized Tool Belt

    If you’re in a relationship with someone who is constantly fixing loose bolts, building new shelving and tearing out old rugs, buying them a personalize tool belt is a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care for and appreciate their help. Tool belts can be customized to suit a variety of designs. Most come in leather or nylon.  Occidental Leather has some nice options to choose from.

  6. For the Beer Aficionado: Beer Bottle Cap Display

    Everyone’s got a hobby. Some people read, others cook and then there’s the beer hobbyist. This person doesn’t just like a good beer every now and again – they’re collectors and most likely like to keep track of their favorite brews. If you’ve got someone like this in your life, what better way to help them keep track of their growing collection than with a beer bottle cap display. Beer Maps has a large collection of maps, wall art and bottle openers to choose from.

  7. For the Beauty Queen: Aesop

    Named after the ancient Greek fables, Aesop is an Australian luxury skincare brand. While many skin care brands cater toward either men or women, Aesop swings both ways. They not only carry a large range of skin care products but also products for hair, fragrances, and home. Given that their name is inspired by ancient lore, it is not surprising that they also have copies of The Paris Review available to purchase on their website. Perhaps a new hand or body cream for your babe along with some brain fuel, courtesy of The Paris Review.

  8. For the Techie: Apple Watch

    You knew this was coming. We know Apple watches can be quite expensive, but they’re so useful. Your technology-lover will be ecstatic to receive one, if they don’t already have it that is. The Apple watch has a variety of cool features including the ability to send and receive texts, track your daily steps, and listen to music. And although they have the same shape, the watch color and band is extremely customizable. Bands come in an array of patterns, shades, and colors. And the watch has ritzy designer partners such as the iconic Hermes. Learn more on their website.

  9. For The Belletrist: A Subscription to a Lit Mag

    What do you get for the friend or partner who loves to read? A book is nice, yes. But they probably have loads of books. A subscription to a literary magazine or two is not only thoughtful but shows you pay attention to what they read as well. We’re fans of The Paris Review, which is equal parts fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essay, interview and art or The New Yorker for a bit more social and political commentary, cartoons and quirk.

  10. For the Musician: Personalized Guitar Picks

    Who doesn’t have a music lover or musician in their lives? Playing the guitar feels almost like riding a bike when hobbies are concerned. If you’ve got someone in your life that loves to play (be it professionally or for fun), consider getting them a customized pick or an entire set. Clayton Custom Picks lets you choose the pick material, color, design, shape and gage. If designing your own pick feels like too much grunt work, they have a plethora of pre-designed to choose from on their website.

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


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