NYC has taken ice cream eating to a whole new level! Picking between a cone and a cup is no longer your biggest struggle. Want some soft-serve in a fish shaped waffle cone, want alcohol or cereal in your ice cream? The choices are endless! We’ve put together a list of some of the Most Unique Ice Cream Places in the city including an interview with one of the co-founders of Taiyaki NYC.

Taiyaki NYC - New York
Photo by Taiyaki NYC
Taiyaki NYC
Here you can eat ice cream directly out of a fish (don’t worry it’s not a real fish), but it’s oFISHially delicious and totally FINtastic!! One of the co-founders of this unique ice cream place Jimmy Chen, answered a few questions about their ice cream culture.
1) What do you feel makes your ice cream unique, creative or groundbreaking?
What makes our ice cream unique is the Taiyaki fish waffle cone that we use. It is our own recipe and we make it fresh daily here at our humble establishment. The visual effect of the fish combined with the Japanese culture behind the Taiyaki makes our product very memorable.
2) What is your best selling flavor?
Our best selling flavor is the “Straight out of Japan.” It is a Taiyaki fish waffle cone filled with red bean paste and filled with matcha and black sesame ice cream, two very authentic asian flavors. It is topped with mochi, a Japanese rice cake and a chocolate wafer stick.
3) What inspired you to create this ice cream?
We travel back to Asia quite often and when we were in Japan, we stumbled upon the Taiyaki fish and fell in love with the idea. We saw the ice cream boom in Chinatown, where I grew up, and decided to marry Japanese culture with an American classic, the soft serve.
Taiyaki NYC
Photo by Taiyaki NYC
Tipsy Scoop
In today’s world you no longer have to pick between a good drink and an ice cream because you can now have your booze in your ice cream. Here you will find hand crafted ice-cream such as Mango Margarita Sorbet & Maple Bacon Bourbon.
The ice cream is 21+
10 Below Ice Cream
NYC’s original rolled ice cream, it’s hand crafted and made right in front of your eyes.  The flavors are made fresh in-house daily and your ice cream comes with unlimited toppings.
Milk and Cream Cereal Bar
Getting breakfast or getting ice cream is the real question…what about getting ice cream with cereal in it? The Milk and Cream Cereal Bar is now mixing your favorite cereals with delicious ice cream and will top it of with a huge selections of toppings including gummy bears and pieces of Reese’s. This place will also brighten up your Instagram feed, so don’t forget your camera!

#GOVISITNYC : Most Unique Ice Cream Places

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