New York City is notoriously expensive. Between Broadway shows, restaurants, museums, sightseeing, and more, it’s far too easy to spend more than you anticipate. Even though traveling is destined to lighten your wallet, there are a few ways that tourists can save money: hotel hacks.
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1. Timing

Timing is incredibly important when booking a hotel. In New York City, the cheapest rooms will likely be off season around January or February due to the winter. Rooms gradually increase in price in the spring and fall. Avoiding holidays and large events like the New York Marathon will also lower the price of hotels. Additionally, waiting until the cancellation period has begun before buying, can drive the cost down as hotels work to fill rooms. Can you really save save up 50% off on hotels? Of course, as long as you buy at the right time.

2. Special Deals and Rates

Credit card companies will offer travelers deals on hotels in the form of cash back, bonus points, or miles. Additionally, hotels work with various companies to offer guests the chance to earn points. If you are a member of a group, in a program, or have certain qualifications, you can get a percentages off your booking, for example, veteran status.

3. Bigger Is Not Always Better

After looking at one hotel booking website, advertisement agencies bombard your browser with various hotel booking options. These large companies act as a middle man between hotels and consumers, driving up the price of the room with their advertising budget. With smaller hotel booking companies, less money is spent on advertising, allowing only small mark-ups on room prices. This drives the price as low as possible for tourists.

GoVisitNYC is one of those small hotel booking companies. Click “Places to Stay,” and follow the instructions to check out the best deals today! And remember, savings on hotels means more fun out on the town!

#GOVISITNYC : Hotel Hacks: How to Get the Best Deal

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