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Summer in New York

Summer is a magical time for New York City because anyone who lives here knows how harsh the winters can be.

Winter in NYC can last from a few months to half the year, so the advent of the warmer months signifies many things from the changing of clothing to the way people get around — in summer someone might opt to walk to take in the beautiful city.

Summer is also an important time because NYC becomes the center of many events and activities that can be partaken in. From free events, to food carts, summer arguably brings NYC to life. Here, we put a list of essential things that New Yorkers love during the summer.

  • Transportation

    • During the winter, no one wants to get around by foot. Walking is much more feasible with the warmth of the sun and so much beautiful city to take in.Another form of transportation that gains popularity in the summer is biking. Citi Bike, although used year-round, gains mass popularity when it’s nicer out. Especially during rush hour, many Citi Bike stations can be found empty and it can often be difficult to secure a bike.
  • Parks

    • In the summer, parks like Central Park, Washington Square Park, Battery Park, and Prospect Park become much more accessible. These parks become centers for skaters, athletes, and strollers, among many.During warmer times, many food carts also come out. This means more ice cream, pretzels, and hot dogs for thirsty and hungry New Yorkers. It also means more chances to enjoy quick bites while enjoying walks through the streets or parks of NYC.
  • Food

    • One of the best things about restaurants in NYC is being able to eat outside, under the sun or under canopies. New York is a great place for people watching while enjoying a meal or a drink, and summer makes this so much more enjoyable.
  • Free Events

    • There are endless free events in NYC, especially during the summer. If you wanted to see some theater, you could go to see Shakespeare in the Park. If you were in the mood for some rowing you could do free kayaking at chelsea piers.Bryant park is also famous for hosting many free events, many of which include physical activity, such as dancing or yoga.

All in all, there are many things that New Yorkers love about summer, but what stands out the most is the life that the city seems to have during these warmer months. If you visit New York when it’s warmer out, make sure to try some of these out — they’ll make for experiences you’ll never forget.

Summer in New York

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